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Matt McGorry (Bennett From OITNB) Is Using Social Media To Show His Support For Gender Equality

He's "#FeministAsFuck"

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So Matt McGorry, best known as Bennett in Orange Is The New Black, is pretty fucking cool

He has used his Twitter and Instagram to express his ideas on feminism.

He may be a "newb to the fight for gender equality" but we love that he's using his celeb status to address issues on gender inequality

He knows what's up when it comes to addressing sexist remarks...

He flawlessly shuts down idiots...

And he shows that he does not agree with society's unrealistic expectations of beauty

You Go Matt. Thank you on behalf of HUMAN BEINGS for standing up for gender equality.

This should be a norm, not an exception, and until we get to a stage where this type of story is not a Buzzfeed post, we need to keep going strong in the fight for gender equality

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