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    Wayfair Is Having A "Save Big, Give Back" Sale Event, Meaning You Can Score Up To 80% Off Sitewide

    Time to finally grab that gorgeous couch you've been eyeing.

    Fancy yourself an interior decorator? The deals at Wayfair's "Save Big, Give Back" sale will help you ~affordably~ live out your HGTV dreams. With up to 80% off on all things home-related — from couches to bed frames to seating — you'd be hard-pressed to find better deals than this.

    This sale ends on the 10th, so let's get to shopping!

    1. A set of Kelly Clarkson Home sheets for the person who wants to upgrade every element of their home. It's a great way to ensure total relaxation when retiring to bed and you can finally let go of that ratty old pair of sheets you've been hanging onto.

    the set of Kelly Clarkson Home sheets in white

    2. A coffee table with storage, because I can't be the only one constantly looking for storage solutions. It's the perfect place to keep magazines, coffee table books, and extra candles without making your space too cluttered.

    The coffee table with storage in natural pine brown and metal legs

    3. A square arm sofa that is seriously a show-stopper. Its gorgeous square construction is a mid-century dream. With this many positive reviews, how could it not be a star item?

    the square arm sofa in blush pink velvet

    4. A velvet sectional for the person who loves to kick back and relax. It's so luxurious and ideal for the home that's a bit more spacious so you can really indulge in your downtown aesthetic.

    The velvet sectional in black with silver legs

    5. A wood TV stand because there's never a bad time to upgrade your media situation. If you've been seeking a better movie-watching setup, consider this your invitation to make it happen. Plus, you'll get tons of compliments.

    The wood TV stand with metal legs holding a flat-screen TV and a vase of flowers

    6. A solid wood floating shelf that is ideal for displaying your favorite knick-knacks, plants, and candles. If you're shy of floor space or you're just looking to add more dimension to your home, this is for you.

    the wooden shelf

    7. A two-door accent cabinet for the person with lots of items they'd like to keep within reach but not within view. It's great for extra bottles of liquor, vases that aren't currently in use, pet essentials, and so much more.

    The two door accent cabinet in reclaimed barnwood

    8. A Kelly Clarkson task chair that has all the makings of the perfect office chair. It's spacious, has a tufted back for extra support, and rolling legs so you can move freely without confinement.

    the Kelly Clarkson task chair in pink

    9. A wide armchair because if there's ever been an item that is more universally loved than this chair I'd love to know about it. This mid-century dream's super sleek construction will look incredible in just about any home.

    The fabric arm chair in gray

    10. A round pouf ottoman that is a coffee table, end table, and foot stool all in one. It's a great item to have around for extra seating when you have guests over, too.

    The round pouf ottoman in beige/ light pink holding a tray of drinks

    11. An over-the-door jewelry holder and mirror so you can make your home as efficient as possible. It'll hold all your favorite jewelry and you can use it as a floor-length mirror for outfit checks before running out the door.

    The over the door jewelry holder/ mirror in white

    12. A wood bench in weathered natural finish, because we could all use a place to rest while we pop on or off our shoes these days. Plus, it's super neutral and will look awesome in any entryway, living room, or dining room.

    The wood bench in weathered natural finish

    13. A Jonesboro desk so you can make your WFH set-up your own. It has an extra tier for a monitor or desktop computer and is sure to become your favorite place to get work done.

    the jonesboro desk in espresso/ black

    14. An elevated food bowl that will make the pet in your life very happy. It's at the perfect elevation to support their necks, promoting spine health throughout their lives.

    The elevated food bowl in antique white holding silver bowls of kibble and water

    15. A velvet task chair that is truly the perfect desk chair. It rolls and it's made from super comfy velvet so you can work smarter from the comfort of your new favorite seat.

    The velvet task chair with rose upholstery and chrome legs

    16. A set of two bar and counter stools for the person who loves a solid pop of color. It's a great way to add some dimension to a living space and will provide a nice contrast to mostly neutral furniture. Plus, it's cushy enough that you won't notice that you've been sitting for hours at a time.

    the set of two bar and counter stools in gray

    17. An iron and wood bookcase so you can keep your plants close and your books closer. It's great for organization and it's truly a killer item in terms of looks. Plus, you can keep al your favorite comforts close by — books, candles, plants — you name it!

    the iron and wood bookcase holding trinkets, books, and plants

    18. An armoire so you can keep your clothes for ending up scattered all over the floor. Closet storage issues are one of the most difficult ones to fix, but with the help of handy and adorable items like this one your closet woes can be a thing of the past and you'll be able to more easily get dressed in the morning without clothes spilling everywhere.

    The armoire in highland oak holding books and other essentials

    19. A six-drawer dresser that will put all other dressers to shame. It's a great way to ensure you're able to fit all of your folded clothes so they don't end up crumpled on the floor.

    The six drawer dresser in black wood grain

    20. A linen low profile bed, because we could all stand to upgrade our bedroom furniture. This item has more five-star reviews (1,800 to be exact) than I've seen for most any of Wayfair's products so they have to be doing something right.

    the linen low profile bed in linen talc

    So head on down to Wayfair's "Save Big, Give Back" sale for up to 80% off across all verticals.