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    25 Reviewer-Loved Things From Urban Outfitters That Are Perfect For Summer

    We're here to keep you happy all summer long.

    1. A Vitruvi essential oil diffuser that will make your summer oh so relaxing. It's a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, especially if it's a particularly hot and sweaty one.

    the Vitruvi essential oil diffuser in gold

    2. A halter bra top for the person who wants to feel totally carefree this summer. It's an adorable silhouette that you won't want to miss out on. PLUS, it'll help alleviate some of those tan lines...

    the halter bra top in dusty rose

    3. A pair of Arizona Birkenstocks, because what says summer more than these crisp white sandals? Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they go with every outfit and are a perfect way to ring in the season.

    the pair of Arizona Birkenstocks in white

    4. A butterfly claw clip so you can enjoy getting your hair off your neck and face for a bit, because lord knows when it's 90-plus degrees, that's the last thing you want. Plus, it's super of the moment and adds a fun accessorized look to your 'fit.

    the butterfly claw clip in assorted

    5. A pair of platform Dr. Marten boots that truly never go out of style, no matter the season (hello shorts + Docs). If you've worn down the soles of your Dr. Martens that you've had for 10 years, you aren't the only one. I will certainly be upgrading to a pair of these ultra-sturdy high platform boots.

    the dr. martens in black

    6. A six-pack of Nike socks for the person who appreciates a subtle accessory. It's a cute addition to any outfit, and while we're wearing *almost* nothing this summer, it'll keep your outfit looking new and your feet from blistering.

    the Nike sock in black

    7. A corduroy tote bag, because your stained old tote needs a break. This is a great way to add a little flair to your outfit and ensure that you aren't abusing your Trader Joe's bag by wearing it from the grocery store to the beach and so much more this summer.

    the corduroy tote bag in blue, orange, and pink

    8. A cowl-neck slip dress that will help you have the hot girl summer of your dreams. It is *incredibly* well reviewed, and since it's the first season in a while any of us can do, well, anything, might as well take advantage of the fun times ahead and dress to impress!

    the cowl neck slip dress in black on a model

    9. A pair of Levi's ribcage jeans for the person who isn't super into summer dressing and just wants to keep rocking the perfect pair of jeans year-round. Nothin' wrong with that!

    the pair of Levi's ribcage jeans

    10. A Baggu reusable tote bag so you can go from bag lady to fab lady in five seconds flat. Baggu is known for being super compact, so you can throw it in your purse if you know you'll be hitting the farmers market or bodega later.

    the baggu totebag in black and white

    11. A Slip silk pillowcase, because bedhead doesn't have to be a problem of the present. It helps prevent frizz by providing a smooth surface for you to lay your head at night. Plus, it comes in nine adorable colors, which is always a plus.

    the Slip silk pillowcase in desert rose

    12. A square-neck top so you can feel like you're from the renaissance. It's a super-cute shape that literally looks great on everyone and will inspire total confidence as you step into warmer weather.

    the square neck top blue

    13. A Converse low-top sneaker that's a classic shoe you really cannot go wrong with. I've been wearing Converse since I was a teen, and I still have the first pair I ever bought and wear them regularly — so if that's not a glowing review, IDK what is!

    the Converse sneakers in black

    14. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, because why stray from the classics? These are the perfect accessory for any outfit this summer — dresses, shorts, rompers — you name it, we'd pair Ray-Bans with it!

    the Ray Ban sunglasses in gold metal

    15. A bandana crew sock so you can enjoy the adorable pattern that is bandana, without having to actually wear one, if that's not your thing. Bandana is having a major moment right now, and these cute socks will dress up any sandal or pair of sneakers that you're wearing.

    the bandana crew sock in blue

    16. A Vans checkerboard slip-on sandal for the person who can't get enough of casual comfort. They're so easy to slip into before you run out the door, and they make laces a pesky thing of the past.

    the Vans checkerboard slip-ons

    17. A crochet shoulder bag that just screams summer. It looks homemade so you can pass it off as a DIY, but it's high quality enough that you'll be wearing it from many summers to come.

    the crochet shoulder bag in nude and colorful

    18. A flower claw clip for the person with lots of hair. Or if you're just looking to bend to the current claw clip trend! It looks great on everybody and can be accessorized in your hair or on your bag.

    the flower claw clip in sky blue

    19. A pair of chunky rectangle sunglasses, because there's nothing that says summer more than a classic pair of sunnies. They're a great shape for all faces, and since they have a traditional thick black frame, you really can't go wrong.

    the pair of chunky rectangle sunglasses in black on a model

    20. A Supergoop! 40 SPF sunscreen so you can keep your skin covered and protected this summer. Just because we're throwing a bit more caution to the wind than normal this summer, that doesn't mean our skincare should go out the window.

    the Supergoop! sunscreen

    21. A slim shoulder bag that will make any outfit look instantly more polished. It's perfect to throw on for a quick errand or for a night on the town.

    the Slim Shoulder Bag in black

    22. A satin scrunchie set for the person who wants to prevent their hair from breaking. It's a great way to keep your tresses from getting tangled during a workout and beyond.

    the satin scrunchie set in light green and zebra

    23. A cotton thong, because we could all use a bit of an underwear upgrade. If you have pairs in your drawer that you've had for 5-plus years, it might be time to consider a fresh set for the sweltering months.

    the cotton thong in berry on a model

    24. A hair scarf, so you can look as stylish as possible while still keeping things practical. It'll prevent the sun from bleaching your hair, and it'll look adorable paired with some shorts or a sundress.

    the hair scarf in pink

    25. An ultra-mini UGG boot that will keep your feet super cozy in any season. It's a perfect addition to any wardrobe, and you'll be glad you have a pair of shoes to slip into while taking a walk around the block to enjoy the nice weather. Nighttime summer walk, anyone?

    the UGG ultra-mini ankle boot in chestnut on a model

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