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    24 Things That'll Probably Make You Think "Damn That's Cute, ModCloth"

    You'll be glad you decided to make today the day you update your wardrobe.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A ready-for-anything turtleneck bodysuit that really lives up to its namesake. You'll wear it all the time and it's made from a super soft rayon that'll provide tons of stretch so it lends itself to a perfect fit.

    The black bodysuit

    2. A plaid face mask for the person looking to spice up their collection of masks. It's made from high-quality materials so it won't irritate your skin and its cotton lining will facilitate the flow of fresh air (but has a filter pocket).

    The mask in gingham

    3. A pair of Steve Madden penny loafers because there's never been a more professional/casual/cute/versatile shoe than the loafer and this color combo is truly a godsend.

    The penny loafer in white and burgundy

    4. A pair of cropped jeans so you can look as good as you feel. It'll hug you in the waist without feeling constricting and features a loose flare around the calves for a look that accentuates curves and will leave you with an on-trend outfit, no matter what you pair it with.

    Model wearing the flared jeans

    5. A V-neck, cinched jumpsuit that is truly a '70s dream. It's formal enough for a night out but comfy enough that you'll feel comfortable wearing it at home on the couch.

    Model wearing the jumpsuit in red with a tied waist

    6. A Wrangler denim jacket so you can have a casual denim closet staple that can be dressed up with a cute skirt or dressed down with a pair of sandals and a tote bag.

    Model wearing the denim jacket

    7. A pair of faux snakeskin knee-high boots because we love a good animal print, especially when it comes to footwear!

    Model wearing the knee-high snakeskin boots

    8. A hunter green faux croc purse for the person who's always on-the-go. It's large enough to hold all your essentials but small enough that it won't feel bulky. Plus it has a convertible strap so you can use it at night as a clutch.

    The hunter green purse/ clutch

    9. A mock neck sweater so you can stay at a reasonable temperature when the weather is being finicky. If it's too hot for a full long sleeve but too cold for a regular old T-shirt, this may just be the best (and cutest) solution.

    The mock neck sweater in blue

    10. A sugar snap jacket that is seriously the most perfect green. It's the perfect windbreaker, has full protection for your neck, and features a drawstring bottom so it'll keep your heat insulated.

    The sugar snap jacket

    11. A peplum blouse because peplum is absolutely back in style (you heard it here first!). It's a universally beloved cut that elevates a regular blouse and should definitely be paired with a glass of red wine (yes, that's an invitation).

    The black cinched blouse

    12. A pair of plaid pants that are as cute as they are comfy. If you've been spending most of your time in flannel PJs these days, then this should be a welcome solution to the jarring experience of getting dressed to go...outside the house.

    The pair of plaid pants

    13. Or! A pair of plaid pajama pants for those of us who haven't caught up to the previous slide. They're so cozy you seriously won't want to take them off and we will be rocking them for months (hopefully only months!) to come.

    The pair of plaid pajama pants

    14. A dog-printed rain jacket that is a serious winter must-have item. It's incredibly warm, but roomy enough that you'll be able to wear your favorite chunky sweater underneath it — and it'll keep you nice and dry!

    The dachshund dog printed yellow rain jacket

    15. A pair of ~season's readings~ socks — just because the holiday season is over doesn't mean you can't be a spirited reader year-round.

    The pair of season's readings socks in blue

    16. A pair of evergreen gleam and flare pants for those of us who love a fun power pant. It's such a beautiful color and the material is comfy enough that you'll want to wear them all the time.

    The evergreen gleam and flare pants

    17. A Candy Land graphic tee so you can make a splash at your next game night. It's as soft as it looks and yes, you can play Candy Land at any age and we stand by that statement!

    The Candyland graphic tee

    18. A plus-sized swing dress that reminds us of summer nights. It's so swishy it'll make it almost impossible not to feel like you're dancing when you're walking down the street.

    The plus-sized swing dress in green

    19. An overall winner jumper that will channel your inner '70s self. It's such a versatile item that can be worn in the winter with a pair of tights and boots, or over the summer with a cute platform sandal. The choice is yours!

    Model wearing the jumper dress in green

    20. A ruffled mock neck top for those that take the phrase "protect your neck" seriously. If you don't take any chances when it comes to the winter, this is an integral item to add to your closet, as it's an amazing layering piece.

    The ruffled mock neck top in blue

    21. A pair of tortoiseshell earrings, because a chunky geometric earring is never a bad idea. If you've been wearing mostly basics these days, then a statement earring may be just the thing to spice up your wardrobe. Plus, there's never a bad time to upgrade your jewelry collection.

    The contrast earrings in tortoiseshell

    22. A midi dress that we'll definitely be wearing to our next date night. It's the perfect length that prevents it from being too formal while still feeling dressy enough for a special occasion.

    The midi dress in black

    23. A gold layered necklace so you can create the casual layered look you desire without having to buy four to five individual necklaces. You'll save on costs and won't have to deal with untangling them when they (inevitably) get stuck together.

    The layered necklace in gold

    24. A cotton pajama set that is the most comfortable way to sleep. If you're staring down a drawer of PJs full of holes and super pilled material that you've had since high school, now is the time to reinvest in your sleep.

    The pajama set in white multi

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