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    28 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Avengers: Endgame" For The First Time

    "As far as I'm concerned, that's America's ass."

    Over the summer my roommate finally got me to sit down and watch every single MCU movie for (mostly) the very first time and boy, what a RIDE. For context, I had already seen both Spider-Man movies (I, too, am a huge Tom Holland fan) so I did have a couple of big things spoiled for me, but for the most part, I had no idea what I was getting into.

    With that said, here's all of the thoughts I had while watching Endgame (obviously, massive spoilers ahead):

    1. Just the fact that Rocket was the only Guardian to survive Infinity War...they chose the most chaotic option.

    2. Why does it feel like the core theme in every Avengers movie is just Iron Man and Captain America feuding over who is really the team captain?

    tony and steve look at each other with furrowed brows

    3. So Chris Evans is wearing a leather jacket in this scene and now I literally can't focus on anything else.

    chris evans in a leather jacket


    5. Humanized Hulk is low key hot but HIGH KEY off-putting.

    the hulk wearing a cardigan and glasses

    6. Speaking of off-putting: Tony Stark doing chores.

    tony holds Morgan

    7. Tony was literally inspired to help the Avengers go back in time and save everyone because he wanted to save Peter Parker I — 🥺😭

    photo of tony stark and peter parker


    9. Hawkeye, my man, this haircut is just not working for you.

    10. Drunk Thor giving his life story to the rest of the Avengers to describe where the Aether is was an ELITE moment.

    thor is drunk, wearing sunglasses

    11. Ok, these matching time travel suits are absolutely adorable.

    12. Yeah sure let's just ignore time travel consequences for convenience...

    avengers have their hands in a cirlce like the power rangers

    13. I love that we get to see random funny moments from past movies that we didn't see before.

    14. This might just be me, but I feel like Ant-Man is such an underrated Avenger. First of all, it's Paul Rudd. Second of all, he may just be the funniest part of this movie.

    ant man looks up at a camera, smiling

    15. CAPTAIN AMERICA FIGHTING CAPTAIN AMERICA!! I'm literally deceased. Thank you so much to the writers for gifting us with this scene.

    16. You've gotta be kidding me with this whole Nebula seeing-eye connection thing. Big trouble for the Avengers. I feel like Thanos is just straight up cheating at this point.

    thanos looks at nebula

    17. Peggy keeps finding a way to pop back in to these movies, doesn't she.

    18. So now I'm at the part where Black Widow freaking DIES OFF A CLIFF and I'm sorry...WHAT??!?

    black widow lies at the bottom of a cliff

    19. *gasps* HE'S WORTHY! Captain America fighting with Thor's hammer is literally giving me life right now.

    20. OMG this scene of all the Avengers coming back to join the battle against Thanos is actually so hype! No wonder everyone made it into a meme.

    21. I like how Thanos and his team just sat there and waited for each of the Avengers to make their own individual entrances.

    thanos holds a large knife

    22. Peter Parker's random anxious comments are literally my favorite part of any Marvel fight scene. He must be protected at all costs.

    23. "We won, Mr. Stark." STOP WTF I'M CRYING

    24. Peter just has to go back to high school now lol.

    peter parker stands in front of an explostion

    25. The fact that they brought back the little boy from Iron Man 3 to attend Tony's funeral is blowing my mind.

    characters stand at tony's funeral

    26. Does this mean the Guardians are gonna be in Thor: Love and Thunder?? I'm so down for this collab.


    steve is old, saying "no i don't think it will"

    28. Overall this did feel like an extremely long movie but I also somehow was never bored. Nice job!