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Why Do Men Think Its Ok To Catcall?


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This is NOT how you get a date. Its not a compliment. Its just really rude and gross.

"Hey, you got good legs, honey."

"Smile more, baby!"


Apparently, to men, these are compliments. And we should be flattered if they talk about our body like disgusting pigs. Why? My body is not your property, and never will be. Even if you think you did nothing wrong because you "were only looking," your subtly (or not as such) hungry looks will leave an uncomfortable feeling with her. Some women admit to being scared to wear shorts or skirts because of the looks they will get from men. MEN: take notice. We do NOT think that these are compliments and this is NOT how you get a girl to like you. These unnecessary comments make us feel unsafe and harassed, which brings up another point.

This is sexual harassment.

Whether you think it is or think it isn't, it totally is to us. Try telling the millions of women that experience different forms of catcalling each day that you think it isn't SEXUAL HARASSMENT. And if you ever feel like you need to whistle or make an inappropriate comment to ANY woman EVER, then think again. What you may need is a reality check and a good, hard, knuckle sandwich to the nose.

You don't understand how it feels to be told from birth that we need to be safe on the streets, and learn how to defend a rapist, when in reality, we need to be teaching young men and little boys that it is never ok to rape. And yes, I know, it is #NotAllMen (eye roll). But it is TOO DAMN MANY of them. I wish that one day, each and every one who has ever catcalled would experience the unsettling, unsafe and utterly not okay experience of being surveyed like a piece of meat, and then yelled at. NO, I will not smile for you. And no, I really don't like the way you are looking at my body. And finally, don't UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES touch me without my verbal, clear, permission. An example: "Yes, ________ you may touch me. Thank you for asking." Nothing else means yes, except for yes. No doesn't mean convince me. And maybe doesn't mean yes.

I am actually wary of wearing dresses and shorts in public to this day because of the fact that a man will look at me in a way that I find uncomfortable. I'm sure that most women know the feeling after being catcalled. It feels like vulnerability. It feels like fear. And it sure as hell doesn't feel good. So next time you whistle or yell at a woman or girl, or anyone, apologize. Then NEVER out step your welcome again.

And finally, at the top, Queen Kylie expresses every one's opinion on sexism.

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