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Hellcats: Pledging My Love

This episode almost did it. I almost quit Hellcats. You have to expect that when the opening dance sequence is, well, a dance sequence that you might just be pushing the envelope of acceptable television especially if your not watching Glee. And if you are pushing my envelope you've probably goon too far. Lets face it, my standards are pretty low. THANK GOD, it was only a nightmare for Marti. By the way, I'd be pissed if I was Aly Milchalka and they took my character and made her irritating all the while making Heather Hemmens character Alice Verdura way more appealing. Doesn't verdura mean vegetable or something in Italian? The major focus of this episode is Alice's sweet peas, I mean cantaloupes, oh wait that's a fruit. Maybe I'll just call it her sexy vegetable dip. You see, as well as everyone else on the Lancer campus sees, Alice took pictures of her crudités and sent them to Jakey and somehow someone got a hold of all of the raw naked veggies and sent them out to every one's email. Anyone else hungry?

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