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    13 Cats You Should Probably Break Up With

    Trust me, you'll be better off without them.

    1. This cat, who checks out emotionally whenever you try to have a serious conversation.

    Hello? Anyone in there?

    2. This cat, whose binge-drinking antics were amusing in college, but are just sad at this point.

    3. This cat, whose cos-play hobby has gotten a little out of hand.

    "Honey, do you have to wear the mask to my company picnic?"

    4. This cat, whose anger issues have gotten out of control.

    5. This cat, who tried to pretend she wasn't just snooping through your Facebook messages.

    "Oh, hi....I was"

    6. This cat, who never seems to want to go out on dates anymore.

    Not that I don't love a good pizza and Netflix binge every once in a while, but...

    7. This cat, whose borderline stalker behavior has become alarming.

    "You just look so peaceful when you sleep..."

    8. This cat, who is way too into his car.

    9. This cat, whose use of party drugs you fear is no longer recreational.

    10. This cat, who made this face at the suggestion of having lunch with your parents.

    11. This cat, who's an obsessive workaholic.

    C'mon, can't you take one night off to focus on our relationship?

    12. This cat, whose dangerous rocker image has worn thin after a while.

    13. And this cat, who doesn't realize his midlife-crisis toupee is more Donald Trump than Brad Pitt.

    Not foolin' anybody, bro.

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