17 Reasons Why Joe Biden Is My Spirit Animal

Mr. Vice President, you are the light of my life, the balm of my soul, and my dream opponent in a water-gun fight.

1. Let’s just get the obvious one out of the way: He gives good face.

“Oh no she di’in’t”

2. Like, really good face.

Check those expressive eyebrows! Do. Werk.

3. I mean, come on.

What an incandescent grin!

4. He often makes a face and gesticulates *at the same time*.

That sound you hear? It’s the sound of angels weeping with joy.

5. He schools the haters.

Boom. BIDEN’D!

6. He’s not afraid to take risks.

A double thumbs-up!? Bold move, Joe.

7. He’s always ready to throw down.

Look at that champion fighting stance and unwavering gaze of steely determination!

8. He’s in touch with his feelings.

9. His taste in sunglasses is impeccable.

“The name’s Biden. Joe Biden.”

10. He can smize with the best of ‘em.

Whatta fox!

11. He communes with creatures large and small.

…and he can emote using one side of his face independently of the other. Like a boss.

12. His catch-phrase game is tight.

Somebody’s been reading his dictionary!

13. He goes after what he wants.

You take that cookie, Joe. Just go on and take it.

14. And, most importantly of all…he can throw down with a super soaker.

Exhibit A.


17. In conclusion:

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