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17 Animals Who Are Sleepier Than You

You think you were tired this morning?! You ain't got nothing on these guys.

1. This hedgehog who really shouldn't have gone out last night.

2. This red panda who just wants to press the snooze button one. more. time.

3. This kitten who can't stop yawning.

4. This narcoleptic polar bear.

5. This lion who can't bring herself to contribute in the morning strategy meeting.

6. This cat who has a really big midterm tomorrow.

7. This raccoon who's trying to take an inconspicuous power nap at his desk and can't get comfortable.

8. This puppy who can't even believe he's up this early.

9. This kitten who's mastered the art of napping on crowded public transportation.

10. This pug who stayed up really late working on his thesis.

11. This otter who will love you forever if you get him some Starbucks.

12. These puppies who are only taking this 9AM class because it's required for their major.

13. This cat who's glad no one can see him dozing off on the other end of that important conference call.

14. This bunny who regrets signing up for that early morning yoga class.

15. This puppy who really hopes the tea he's drinking isn't decaf.

16. This giant panda who's so sleepy he's losing his balance.

17. ...and Grumpy Cat herself, champion of non-morning-people everywhere: