15 Signs You’re Addicted To Watching Netflix

“Hi, I’m ______ and I’m a Netflix addict.”

1. It’s the Reason for Your Existence

Because you would literally be bored to death without it.

2. You Don’t Even Know What You’re Watching Anymore

Like wtf…but hey, you’ve already seen every other movie or show so…

3. You Get More Excited Than Socially Acceptable When Your Shows Update

But like you even care…season 11 of Family Guy is out! YESSSSS

4. You Binge Watch Shows Without Even Realizing It

“Ok, it’s 11:30pm. I have time for a few more episodes!” *looks at clock* 2:30am

5. Netflix Originals are Your Fave

Orange is the New Black…Enough said

6. You Have the Netflix App on Any Device Possible

Computer, phone, iPad, TV, etc. You can NEVER escape it!

7. Buffering is the Bane of Your Existence

8. You’re So Dedicated to a Show or Movie That You Don’t Leave Your Bed or Couch for Hours

And your parents/roommates/friends start to worry if you’re still alive or not…

9. You Secretly Get Excited When Plans are Cancelled Because Guess What That Means…

Two Words: Netflix.Marathon.

10. You ALWAYS Make Sure You Have Enough Money To Pay the Monthly Bill

Even if that means drinking boxed wine and eating generic brand cereal for dinner for a couple of months.

11. It Drives You Crazy When Your Show/Movie Doesn’t Automatically Play in HD

12. People Judge You for Your Obsession with Netflix

You don’t need those type of negative people in your life.

13. Being in an Area Without Wifi is Your Personal Hell

C’mon now, deep breaths, just use the 3G on your phone…it’ll be alright…I think

14. It Has Made You Gain Weight or Unhealthy Eating Habits

Who has time for a run and to make a salad??? So many shows, so little time. Hot Pockets it is!

15. It’s What Makes You the Happiest

And ALWAYS will be!



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