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Your Summer Plans: Expectation Vs. Reality

With finals behind you, it's time to get serious about Summer 2014.

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1. Expectation: You rent a cute place for the summer with your best pals.

NBC / Via

Of course three unemployed undergrads can afford an amazing aparment!

Reality: You move back in with your parents.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Hi mom....

2. Expectation: You land an awesome PAID internship at a cool company.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Reality: You end up working for less than minimum wage at the mall.


3. Expectation: Of course you find the time & money to backpack through Europe for a few weeks.

New Line Cinema / Via

If half of your Facebook newsfeed is doing it, you better do it too.

Reality: Family vacation!

Lifetime / Via

Sharing the backseat with your 12-year-old brother and his gross friend for an eight hour drive to Colonial Somewhere-or-other. Yay....

4. Expectation: You have an epic summer romance.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Four months of sunshine & magic.

Reality: Finding a fling is hard. Staying in with Netflix isn't.

NBC / Via

No one's alone with night cheese.


5. Expectation: You use your free time to catch up on great works of literature and Oscar-winning documentaries.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Reality: You devote every hour to the best summer shows.

Fox / Via

She's right. That half-turn-flip-lift-pirouette was flawless. What was the number to vote again?

6. Expectation: You keep yourself college-ready by getting ahead on your academic reading list.

Warner Bros. / Via

Time to bring out the big books.

Reality: I'm sorry, reading? / Via

That's the one with the words and the pages, right?


7. Expectation: You'll hit the beach, get your tan on & hook a hottie.

Reality: Tanning isn't for everyone.

Fox / Via

Aloe vera will be your new best friend.

8. Expectation: You'll reunite with your best friends from high school.

MTV / Via

Reality: You barely make it through one dinner with them.

HBO / Via

9. Expectation: You work really hard for the perfect beach body. / Via

What? I always look like this when I exercise!

Reality: Your beach bod is immediately ruined by your daily diet of ice cream.

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