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The Definite Ranking Of Jennifer Lawrence's Catching Fire Premiere Outfits

Sure, she may have won an Oscar for SLP, but which Hunger Games' look won her Best Dressed?

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7. LA Premiere

I believe JLaw is a superhuman goddess as much as the next person, but honestly, the LA dress didn't do it. A sheet curtain over an American Apparel body suit with a waist-cinching seatbelt? We can do better.

WINNER: 1. Rome

Maybe because it reminds me of her princess-y Oscar gown (the one she tripped in)...or maybe because it looks like a wedding dress and I would like nothing better than for her and Josh to ride off into the sunset together...but either way, Rome takes the cake! She's rocking a teased up-do and this dress is equal parts classy, dramatic and youthful! Molta Bella!

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