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The 10 Most Awkward Parts Of Travelling Alone

"Table for....oh, just one is it?" Yup. #foreveralone

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1. Being forced to take solo selfies in public

Selfies are okay if they're taken 1) ironically, 2) drunkenly with your friends or 3) with small animals/children. You know when they're not okay? In front of the Mona Lisa or overlooking the temples of Angkor Wat.

2. Or having to ask strangers to take your photo

You have to select someone friendly enough to approach, tech-savvy enough to use your camera/phone and slow enough so you can out-run them in case that friendly thing was just an act.

3. Realizing that no one really cares what you're doing

No one is waiting for you and no one knows where you're's the most liberating and ego-bursting revelation you'll ever have.

4. Eating alone

Commandeer an entire table at a restaurant? Sit at the counter? Bring a book? Or pull a Cady Heron and chow down in the loo!

5. Figuring out where to sit on the tour bus/train/metro/etc.

Seats come in pairs. Solo travellers do not.

6. Uncomfortable small talk with strangers

Me: "It's nice out today!" Random stranger: "Mhm..."

Conversation over.

7. Justifying your evening plans

Let's be honest, it takes A LOT of effort to go out, especially without the support of your girlfriends or the comfort of your own city. Sometimes you just need to crawl under your grimy hostel covers and snuggle up with some Netflix.

8. Not having anyone to share your hilarious jokes with

You've been saving the perfect Eiffel Tower pun for nothing.

9. Paying that "single supplement"

AKA screw you solo traveller

But the most awkward part of travelling alone?

10. Letting the potential awkwardness of solo travel keep you at home on the couch

And not out seeing the world!

Never stop wondering. Never stop wandering.

Wander on, solo travellers!

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