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FRIENDS: Where Are They Now?

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the Friends finale. So what have Rach, Mon, Ross and the rest of the gang been up to these last 10 years?

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Unable to handle the new tenants of Monica & Chandler's apartment, Joey packed up a duffel bag, grabbed Hugsy and hitch-hiked all the way to LA. There he spent a few unsuccessful years auditioning for Hollywood hotshots before landing a semi-regular, barely-successful infomercial gig. With just enough in his pocket for a one-way ticket, Joey returned to the Big Apple where he ran into....


Monica & Chandler's baby momma: Erica! With her church camp days behind her, Erica decided to return to the city where dreams come true....only to realize NYC isn't nearly as fun when it isn't on Monica & Chandler's dime. Joey runs into Erica outside his old apartment, where she is trying to convince the landlord to let her stay the night. Joey hits her with a classic, "How you doin'", before they decide to pool their cash on a cab ride to visit....

Monica & Chandler

Happy in the suburbs, Mondler have their hands filled with 10 year old twins, Jack & Erica. Monica's competitive drive makes her the perfect soccer mom ("You call THAT a goal? C'mon ref!") while Chandler's softer side allows the kids to belt out broadway soundtracks while mom is at work. Speaking of work, after quitting her job to focus on her new babies, Monica has recently returned to the restaurant game. She just opened a boutique diner in their neighborhood. Chandler is still in advertising but mostly works from home. He does have to go into the city once or twice a week and it doesn't take much to convince Monica and the kids to come with him.

Ross & Rachel

In the 10 years since the "phalange" incident, Rachel did get on the plane....but she brought her man and her baby with her! After turning down the Paris job, Rachel spent a few months unemployed, but in love with her lobster. But Ross noticed something was wrong when Rachel's Pinterest board was primarily filter-shots of the Eiffel Tower. So he decided to propose......the idea of the family moving to Paris (not marriage, they both agreed that hadn't been a good move in the past). So Ross, Rachel and Emma spent two wonderful years in Europe. Emma learned French, Ross got a teaching gig at a local university and Rachel kicked butt at Louis Vuitton. She kicked so much butt, that they transferred her back to New York to run their American branch.

So now the Gellar-Greens are back in NYC. They bought a bigger apartment in their old building and their days mainly consist of Rachel speaking broken French on conference calls with Paris, Ross scrolling through comments about himself on Rate My Professor, and Emma, thirteen and headstrong, trying to hide her new belly button ring behind her French immersion private school uniform.


Ross' other child is now 20 years old and a junior at NYU. He spent the last ten years living with Susan and Carol in Jersey, seeing Ross on the occasional weekend. Back when Ross & Rachel were living in Paris, Ben flew out to visit his dad and backpack across the continent. But he didn't get farther than London, where he fell in love with Shakespeare. Back in the States, Ben began auditioning for community theatre, wearing waistcoats and speaking in iambic pentameter. Now he's busy studying his craft at NYU. Ross couldn't be prouder and insists on buying front row seats to all of Ben's shows.

Phoebe & Mike

The recently married masseuse and pianist didn't waste any time adding to their quirky artistic family. Within months Phoebe was pregnant.....with triplets! Again! (She had to ask Joey to mail her maternity pants back to her). After a few months of squishing their family of five into Phoebe's 2-bedroom apartment, Mike got a gig at a jazz bar in Las Vegas. Phoebe packed up her brood (Regina (as in Phalange), Frances (after her late grandmother) & Bob (after the late Bob the rat)), and moved into a rancher just off the strip. Eventually, the bright lights of Vegas turned dim, and the Buffay-Hannigan's decided to return to NYC.


10 years later and poor Gunther is still working at Central Perk & still lusting after Rachel. He now owns the cafe, with talk of opening another across town, but still works as a barista for the chance to catch Rachel, who occasionally comes flying in for a quick cup of coffee before work. Every few weekends the old gang re-claim their orange couch and Gunther watches fondly as the woman of his dreams, and her friends, pretty much just ignore him.

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