17 Signs Princess Unikitty From “The Lego Movie” Is All Of Us

Everything is awesome, especially you!

1. You’re a really positive person.

Warner Bros. / Via ask-crazy-zero.tumblr.com

2. Like, really positive.

Warner Bros. / Via rebloggy.com

3. But you aren’t afraid to get in touch with your other emotions.

Warner Bros. / Via rebloggy.com

4. Even if it means not being positive.

Warner Bros. / Via rebloggy.com

5. You’ve even had a rage moment or two.

6. You’re honest with yourself.

Warner Bros. / Via tumblr.com

7. You’re appreciative to a fault.

8. Personal hygiene is important to you (even if that means grooming in public).

Warner Bros. / Via nextlevelgoogly.tumblr.com

9. You’re a gracious host.

10. You’re business savvy.

Warner Bros. / Via thelegomovie.wikia.com

11. And it doesn’t hurt that formal attire looks great on you.

Warner Bros. / Via ponychan.net

12. You like to include everyone.

Warner Bros. / Via bolin-boy.tumblr.com

13. With a few exceptions of course.

Warner Bros. / Via tumblr.poohbear.me

14. You can pull off any style.

15. You get along with everyone.

Warner Bros.

16. And you are always up for a good laugh.

Warner Bros. / Via nextlevelgoogly.tumblr.com

17. Basically, you’re awesome.

Warner Bros. / Via whatculture.com

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