14 Things That Happen In Almost Every Marvel Movie

Well, almost every Marvel movie.

Marvel Studios has either co-produced or fully produced 25 movies thus far, with many more in the works, including Guardians of the Galaxy which is to be released this August.

Marvel Studios / Via gifboom.com

Here are some things that appear in almost all of the Marvel movies that have been released thus far:

1. Sweet, sweet slow motion.

Marvel Studios / Via violetxxvenom.tumblr.com


2. Lots of news reporting.

Marvel Studios / Via marvelmovies.tumblr.com

Usually an annoying newswoman helps catch us up on the story at some point in case we missed something.

3. A highway, subway or bridge scene.

Or all three.

4. Some civilians help the hero in some way.

Marvel Studios / Via marvelmovies.tumblr.com

5. A man unnecessarily has their shirt off at some point.

Marvel Studios / Via fanforum.com

Not that anyone is complaining…

6. Of course, the ladies leave little to be desired too.

Marvel Studios / Via daniellelorean.tumblr.com

Again, not that we’re complaining…

7. Someone’s powers don’t work or they drop their weapon at a critical moment.

Marvel Studios / Via rebloggy.com

8. But in the nick of time the issue is resolved.

Marvel Studios / Via torrent-polska.info


9. We get to experience the perfect combination of brooding and disaster porn.

Marvel Studios / Via xmen-marvel.tumblr.com

10. The hero goes out of his or her way to help a child or woman.

Marvel Studios / Via marvelmovies.tumblr.com

11. The extremely likable non-super person has a great action moment.

And we all cheer internally (or externally if that’s who you are).

12. Something adorable happens.

Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com

13. Some really annoying henchmen finally get their comeuppance.

Marvel Studios

Looking at you X-Men: The Last Stand

14. This guy shows up.

Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com

And we’re all like…

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