The Art Of Pizza War

A poignant tale of pizza, art, and marketing gone amiss. And terribly right.

1. This is Oliver.

He’s funny, talented, and much beloved by all. I hate him.

2. Oliver loves pizza. And he’s willing to work for it.

That’s encouraging. Yay, Domino’s!

3. Not so fast, Oliver…

Tragedy and loss. The hopes of another artist crushed by corporate tyranny.

4. But Oliver does a drawing for them anyway.

Never let rejection stand in the way of creation.

5. Pizza Express is interested.

Things are definitely looking up.

6. Pizza Express gets the deluxe 4D treatment.

Sadly, Oliver does not get a pizza.

7. Pizza Hut offers support.

But no pizza. Or a really soggy one, perhaps.

8. But what’s this?

Ask Italian offers a ray of hope.

9. Oh, no!

Pizza Express has hurt feelings, now.

10. But then again…

They do show solidarity.

11. Domino’s, however…

Remains clueless.

12. Watch the whole story here.

Video available at:  .

Because I’m probably not telling it very well. But Oliver can teach you to draw really good, too. And maybe you can get a free pizza. Or not.

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