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    25 Home Products That'll Make Your Neighbors Say "That's The Freshest House On The Block"

    Inside and out, all parts of your home deserve a little TLC.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A DIY custom doormat kit, because you'll need something unique and personal to welcome people into the fabulously upgraded home BuzzFeed is about to help you curate with this list.

    brown doormat with stencil, sponge brushes, and tape
    MichieBarnCo / Etsy

    It comes with a doormat, paint, paintbrushes, and a stencil that's completely customizable!

    Get it from MichieBarnCo on Etsy for $25+ (available in four sizes).

    2. Front door paint to...well...paint your front door. It's the easiest way to ensure your home stands apart from the rest of the houses on the block.

    A customer review before and after photo showing their front door
    A jar of the front door paint in Satin Passionate

    Promising review: "WOW, this exceeded all our expectations. Easy to apply, dries very fast, and it's holding up very well. It's been over a year since we painted the front doors and they look great. They are easy to clean too." —Rimfire

    Get it from Amazon for $35.06+ (available in 21 colors).

    3. And chalkboard paint that'll allow you to transform any surface into a message board, which is a lot more fun than placing a typical welcome mat outside the front door.

    Promising review: "We got new garage doors, so I took a panel of our old garage door and made a yard sign with the chalk paint. I prepped the surface very carefully and painted when I had ideal outdoor painting temps. The paint was easy to use and went on smoothly. It's been outside for a month and has lasted pretty well. I think it looks great!" —Jean-Jeannie

    Get it from Amazon for $12.65.

    4. An erase-a-hole putty if you and your roommates have turned your living room walls into Swiss cheese, but would still like a chance at getting all of your security deposit back. You'll definitely keep this stashed away somewhere in every new apartment you move into.

    a guide on how to use the stick

    Promising review: "I love this stuff! It’s super easy to use and it flawlessly anything from nail holes to larger drywall anchor holes. Bonus that my walls are white and I can even get away with not repainting if I do a clean job! I hope they never stop making this stuff." —bookworm

    Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

    5. A pack of 24 mandala stencils you can use to personalize pretty much anything you can think of (wall decor, dressers, tabletops, etc.) and turn into a giant art project.

    four images of the mandala stencils being used to decorate: a wall, a table, a dresser, and a planter

    Promising review: "I love these stencils!! I'm decorating my room boho style, and these stencils are exactly what I was looking for." —Lorell Rolon

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    6. A grout pen that'll...well...hide dirty grout. Which is a quick and easy project for lazy people who'd rather not spend an entire afternoon actually *removing* dirty grout.

    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised by how far these went. I did the entire floor of my large master bathroom plus a little of the shower with one pen. It is pretty forgiving, and you have quite a bit of working time before it dries completely. This was not a quick task, but it went faster than I thought it would. I was worried the white would look too bright, but it just makes everything look so much cleaner. I'm very happy with this product!" —Jenelle

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in three colors and two sizes).

    7. Or an automatic scrubbing brush if you're a little more ambitious and *actually* want to get rid of that dirty grout. It comes with a detachable oscillating grout brush that'll have your bathroom tiles looking as flawless as they did the day you moved in.

    Promising review: "Last night I was reborn. What is the cause of this renewed zest for life, you might ask? It was the use of the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber on my shower grout. It elevated a simple baking soda-and-water solution to alchemical proportions. My pink-tiled shower, the one that came with my scummy apartment, the one that never looks clean no matter how many hours of backbreaking labor I put in, now looks bright, clean, and full of promise. An otherwise disgusting and dated purely utilitarian part of my home is now art. TL;DR: This this is absolutely incredible." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $17.19.

    8. Some easy-to-install (and remove) peel-and-stick wallpaper if the only thing keeping you from accenting the walls in your home is how much of a commitment traditional wallpaper feels like.

    A wall with the gray and white wallpaper installed

    Promising review: "I'm very happy with this! The wall I put it on is about 9 ft. wide-by-8 ft. high, there is one window, and my baseboards are about 6 inches high — I ordered three rolls but only used two (with waste). Our house is VERY old so the walls are not flat and the corners are not an even 45 degrees, that's why I had more waste than I think I would have in a newer home. I did not have trouble matching the pattern (I recommend matching up the side from top to bottom then smoothing it out from there rather than going from top to bottom). I was able to cut around the windows with ease; repositioning was easy. It's a little awkward at first, but once you get the first piece up it the rest is easy. I did this myself and it took about two and half hours (it took about 40 minutes just to get started because our walls are so wonky, so I imagine a flat plumb wall would be much faster). I used a flat plastic paper-smoothing tool to smooth it out as well as the palms of my hands. I wouldn't hesitate to use this product again." —Common Sense

    Get it from Amazon for $23.55+ (available in four colors).

    9. A leather cleaner that'll bring your old, worn-out couch back to life and have it looking like it's fresh off the showroom floor.

    Just mix this concentrate with water, put it in a spray bottle, spray, and wipe off.

    Promising review: "My 15-year-old leather sectional hadn't been cleaned or conditioned in three to four years because I couldn't find anything that worked well without causing it to look blotchy. The color was also fading and I thought it was a goner. After some elbow grease, the sectional looks great! It's now back to its original color without being blotchy. More importantly, the suppleness has returned. I can actually say that it looks as good as the day we bought it." —jellybean55

    Get it from Amazon for $18.95.

    10. And a wood conditioner to do pretty much the same thing for a coffee table. It'll also create a protective layer that helps prevent the wood from drying out or fading.

    All you have to do is let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe. Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up on this Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish to learn more. And! It has 4,700+ positive reviews on Amazon.

    Promising review: "OMG! This is the most AMAZING product! We inherited some antique furniture from the '30s that had been in storage forever... It was dry and dirty and not much to look at. I used this product on it and the oak wood literally came alive showing the beautiful grain and texture of the wood. I have since used it on my oak kitchen cabinets and they look AMAZING! I will never use anything else other than this product on my wood surfaces! No greasy feel — and a fantastic smell!" —Tiffany Sadowski

    Get it from Amazon for $8.98+ (available in eight size).

    11. Or fake wood contact paper if you'd rather transform non-wood surfaces instead of taking care of furniture made out of the real thing.

    window sill looking fresh and convincingly wood
    black end table with wooden surface

    Promising review: "This stuff is awesome!! Bought some to cover up sun spots on a few windows before we sold our house, and couldn't believe how good it looked and how easily it installed. I could hardly tell the difference from the original wood! Recommend to anyone looking for a cheap fix!" —Trent

    Get it from Amazon for $7.84+ (available in seven colors and five sizes).

    12. An adjustable clothing rack that'll basically turn any random space in your home into a walk-in closet. Admit it, setting this up in your spare bedroom sounds like way more fun than creating a home office.

    A closet with the adjustable clothes rack installed

    Promising review: "This product has been a true lifesaver!! The installation was super easy. It took less than 10 minutes to put up. The product is very high quality. The poles are sturdy and don't sag, even under heavy loading. I've had this product for about a month and a half and it's held everything perfectly. The only suggestion I would give when installing is to make sure that you're suctioned adequately to the floor and ceiling. Securing the suction cups is critical. I can hang approximately 150 lbs. of clothes with no trouble at all and no closet required!" —Andrea Christiani

    Get it from Amazon for $69.85.

    13. A recess lighting conversion kit to add some much-needed character if you live in a new-ish house or apartment complex that's maybe a little *too* modern.

    A before and after photo showing the changes made with the conversion kit in someones kitchen

    Promising review: "This was a pretty easy installation considering the work is on the ceiling. I've been wanting to change out the two can lights over my sink for years, so I started investigating the easiest possible way to do so. Ran across this item, and watched the video on YouTube. What the heck, I thought! Rewatched the video before installation, looked at the directions on both the converter kit and the pendant light, gathered the necessary tools described in all instructions, and set upon my mission. The hardest part (for me) was getting the self-tapping screws started. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, I must say! By the way, I'm a 55-year-old female who has worked at a bank all of my life. Yes! It was that easy. I would highly recommend it." —Trisch Reeve

    Get it from Amazon for $17.07.

    14. A set of peel-and-stick tiles to create the HGTV backsplash of your dreams. After putting this up, you'll be so enamored with your own kitchen you might lose focus and burn whatever's on the stove — but it's totally worth it.

    Each pack comes with 10 11.8" x 11.8" self-adhesive sheets.

    Get a it from Amazon for $32.99+ (available in five styles).

    15. A drain snake so you can avoid those ridiculous plumbing bills whenever your sink needs unclogging.

    Promising review: "When my wife and I moved into this new place, we noticed that there was a bit of water that just kept pooling near the drain in the shower. We tried at least two full bottles of Drano with success, but it was short-lived. A bottle of Drano costs about $6-8 for two attempts. One package of these and only ONE of the items used in this package made more short-term progress than all that Drano did. Less than $6 to save over $20 in drain cleaning products or even the prospect of hundreds from calling out a plumber? Hell yeah, I'd buy this again! Your hands will get messy but you will thank yourself for getting these. Your partner will thank you. If you have slow drains in your shower, there are only three words I can say for you to help fix that problem. Buy. This. Product." —Adam W.

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $7.99.

    16. And a TubShroom that'll prevent a clogged drain in the first place. Miraculously, this handy little thing can catch hairs while never disrupting the water flow.

    a hand holding a TubShroom over the drain with hair wrapped around it

    Promising review: "I was skeptical about this little rubber strainer, but I needed something to save my drains from the piles of hair that fall out of my head. This thing is amazing! It fit into my standard drain perfectly, and I don't think a single hair slipped by it. It was pretty gross to see how much hair I lost in just one shower, but it was comforting to know it wasn't clogging my drain. Clean up is super easy, too. I just took a tissue and wiped it from top to bottom, grabbing all the hair as the soft rubber strainer released it all easily. Not a hair was caught in it. Best strainer I've ever had." —Lawyer For Justice

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in six colors). Also, check out the SinkShroom and the ShowerShroom.

    17. Easy-to-install expandable drawer dividers that'll separate your garments and make getting dressed in the morning slightly more aesthetically pleasing.

    bras and other garments separated by the diver into three rows inside a drawer

    Promising review: "I will never be a person who folds underwear. It's never going to happen. That photo that comes with this product? Not me. But a simple tool like this turned out to be what it takes just to know where things are. Left. Center. Middle. Any organizer made of cloth was out. I wanted something rigid but adjustable. If an organizer has soft sides, it's going to end up underneath the things it's supposed to be separating.

    These fit firmly where I put them and there are no corners to snag clothing or hurt your hand on when you reach into the drawer. It's a well-engineered product. I created three sections to my large top dresser drawer by adding the partitions from front to back. I am so pleased with the difference that I am ordering two more sets so I can do my other drawers also. These OXO dividers cost more than the flimsy ones, but if I wasn't able to buy these, I would just not buy organizers." —SeattleBookMama

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99.

    18. A set of fancy brass knobs to add some class to you kitchen or bathroom.

    horizontal line shaped knob
    review photo of kitchen with all the knobs installed

    Promising review: "Really love these. They were inexpensive, but look top-notch. We used them in both our bathrooms. Can be used either direction for a sharp look." —Kelsey F

    Get a set of 15 from Amazon for $22.09 (also available in two other finishes).

    19. And matching drawer pulls as well, because no one likes an aesthetically chaotic room.

    two drawers and a cabinet with matte gold rectangle drawer pulls
    black cabinets and drawers with the pulls

    Get a set of 10 from Amazon for $31.99+ (available in 10 sizes).

    20. A tabletop fireplace for people who'd like to convert their tiny apartments into the sort of lovely suburban houses that'd actually come with traditional fireplaces.

    wooden square bottom with rocks on top of it and a flame on top of them with glass around it (four walls of glass)
    four of the tabletop fireplaces lined on a table runner with candles inside of them lit
    1 Man 1 Garage / Etsy

    Promising review: "Bought this as an anniversary present for my boyfriend and he (we) absolutely love it! The care and detail that went into this is amazing! The wood and glass are high-quality and well-packaged and they even included s’mores forks in the kit! So great! Will definitely be purchasing more for gifts in the future!! Keep up the great work!" —April Rojas

    Get it from 1 Man 1 Garage on Etsy for $24+ (available in two styles).

    21. A set of ceiling fan pull chains that are as charming as they are practical. In addition to looking great, the clever design on each pull's handle will make it easier to tell which function of your ceiling fan you're cutting on.

    The two pull chains, one that looks like a mini lightbulb, the other that looks like a mini fan
    Reviewer image of the chains attached to a ceiling fan and light

    Promising review: "I was FOREVER pulling the wrong chain on our bedroom ceiling fan. (Want the light off? Oh no... now the fan's on high. Need to change the fan speed? Eek ... now you're in the dark.) They're actually quite heavy-duty pull chains, and they add a bit of fun to the decor. When you notice them — most of the time, who even thinks about a ceiling fan pull chain?" —LHD

    Get them from Amazon for $6.59.

    22. Stair riser decals to add a pop of personality to to what's usually a pretty dull area of the average home.

    White sticker decals with intricate black design

    There's just something so neat about looking down at an interesting design as you make your way up to where the magic happens (I'm of course talking about the upstairs bathroom).

    Get a pack of 5 from Bleucoin on Amazon for $62.49+  (available in three sizes) or individually from Bleucoin on Etsy for $9.49+ (available in 11 sizes).

    23. Or a replacement handrail if you'd prefer your staircase looked sleek and minimalistic. This could be a nice, subtle way of modernizing your home without paying for major renovations.

    black rectangle handrail

    Get it from HandrailsBoutique on Etsy for $50+ (available in 30 sizes).