Which “Boy Meets World” Character Are You?

“Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” And remember: We can’t all be Mr. Feeny.

    1. Help them. No questions asked.
    2. Ask what you get in return.
    3. Help when you get around to it.
    4. Correct their grammar.
    5. Lecture on why they shouldn’t be in their current situation.
    6. Save them on your awesome motorcycle.
    7. Talk them through the problem.
    8. Judge them.
    9. Do nothing. You’re actually in the problem with them.
    10. Keep sleeping.
    1. Best ever.
    2. Amazing.
    3. We only talk when their motorcycle wakes me up.
    4. Meh.
    5. They’re jealous of me.
    6. I don’t know them.
    7. They expect way too much out of me.
    8. Neighbors?
    9. I have too many neighbors to choose from.
    1. Applebee's
    2. Chipotle
    3. Domino's Pizza
    1. Waffle House
    2. Subway
    3. Jamba Juice
    1. Arby's
    2. Red Lobster
    3. Golden Corral
    1. The overachiever.
    2. The class clown.
    3. You are the teacher.
    4. The genius.
    5. The troublemaker.
    6. The well-versed one.
    7. You’re just here to pick up the trash.
    8. The average student.
    9. You’re now their co-worker.
    10. The jock.
    1. Disney-ABC
    2. Disney-ABC
    3. Disney-ABC
    1. Disney-ABC
    2. Disney-ABC
    3. Disney-ABC
    1. Disney-ABC
    2. Disney-ABC
    3. Disney-ABC
    1. Cleaning
    2. Writing
    3. Being awesome
    4. Listening
    5. Giving advice
    6. Entertaining
    7. Hair flips
    8. Fashion
    9. Math
    10. Baseball
    1. Columbia Pictures
    1. Keystone / Getty Images
    2. NBC
    1. AFP / Getty Images
    2. WWE
    3. Steve Eason / Getty Images
    1. I’m not really a commitment kind of person, so I never had a chance.
    2. Yeah, but we were already on the verge of breaking up.
    3. My partner and I love each other too much to even consider that…I think.
    5. I’m old school and don’t mess around like that.
    6. My partner always leaves me before I have the chance to cheat.
    7. I work the night shift. My partner is probably cheating on me right now.
    8. What’s a relationship?
    9. I run away before I ever have a chance to cheat.
    10. I’ve never had a partner :(

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