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Incredible Drone Footage Shows The Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Being Towed Away To Sea

Aerial views show the former luxury cruise liner on the beginning of its four-day towing journey.

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The Costa Concordia cruise ship began its final voyage Wednesday, as it was towed from the Italian island of Giglio where it shipwrecked 30 months ago, killing 32 people. Drone footage uploaded to YouTube showed it all unfold.

The luxury cruise liner was pulled away from the small Italian island by two tugboats, beginning a four-day journey to Genoa, where the vessel will by scrapped by the ship's owner, Costa Crociere Spa.

The ship will be towed through the water at 2 knots (2.3mph), while being followed by several ships to monitor any potential pollution in the waters during the journey.

Custom-built tanks were attached to the ship's flanks during the refloating process. The tanks have been filled with air to help facilitate floating while being towed.

Nets have also been attached to the side of the Concordia. They will be used to catch any remnants of the last cruise, which might fall out during the four-day tow.

Nick Sloane, the salvage master of the entire operation, said he was a "bit nervous" before boarding a special command center on top of the Concordia, where he will monitor the final voyage.

AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia

Watch the entire drone video below, which was uploaded to YouTube.

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