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    22 Eye-Opening International Borders From Around The World

    From North America to the Middle East, here are some of the coolest pictures of international borders. Check out the full thread by Quora that this list was inspired by.

    1. Haiti and the Dominican Republic

    2. Norway and Sweden

    A snowmobiler prepares to ride the snow-covered border of Norway and Sweden.

    3. Brazil and Argentina

    4. Brazil and Bolivia

    A river-divided border shows the difference in deforestation practices in the rain forest between Brazil (light brown) and Bolivia (dark green.)

    5. Slovakia and Poland

    6. United States and Mexico

    A fence stretches across the border of the state Arizona and Mexico. The United States-Mexico border is the most frequently crossed border in the world and is close to 2,000 miles long.

    7. United Kingdom and Spain

    8. India and Pakistan

    The Wagah border ceremony takes place every night before the flags are lowered at the only road between the two countries.

    9. Afghanistan and Pakistan

    10. United States and Canada

    The USA and Canada line is the longest international border in the world, stretching approximately 5,500 miles.

    11. Argentina and Chile

    12. Panama and Costa Rica

    The single-lane bridge over the Sixaola River, a natural border between the two Central American countries, is used by cars, trucks, and pedestrians.

    13. Egypt and Israel

    14. Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil

    The "Triple Frontier" is one of many tri-points around the world that connects three neighboring countries.

    15. Poland and Ukraine

    16. Nepal and China

    The summit of Mt. Everest marks the border between the small, sovereign state of Nepal and China.

    17. Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia

    The three countries come together in a small park, dedicated to the tri-point, with a picnic table marking the borders.

    18. Spain and Morocco

    19. Netherlands and Belgium

    The town of Baarle offers a unique experience as it sits right on the border of the neighboring countries.

    20. Italy and Switzerland

    The Margherita Hut, on top of the Alps, sits on the border of Italy and Switzerland. It can only be accessed by foot and is used for a research center.

    21. Vatican City and Italy

    22. North Korea and South Korea

    The Joint Security Area (shown above), within the Korean Demilitarized Zone, holds negotiations between the two countries.

    Bonus: Northern and Southern Hemisphere

    "Middle of the Road" park in Ecuador is supposed to mark the point of zero degrees latitude, although there is some discrepancy to the claim.