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Tell Us Your Shittiest Porta-Potty Horror Story Right Now

Sorry to do this a few days before Coachella, but the universe isn't fair.

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Porta-potties are the dirtiest, smelliest crime scenes on planet earth. Whose bloody tampon is peeling off of the wall? How is there a pube magically floating in the air? How did somebody manage to SHIT ON THE FUCKING FLOOR?

Roger Kisby / Getty Images

I don't care where you are, somebody always shits on the floor. It'd be weird if somebody didn't shit on the floor. It's a longstanding porta-potty tradition, I guess.


But instead, since human beings have the tendency to regularly ruin good things, this ends up happening inside of an otherwise innocent and safe space:

Instagram: @roxxis_world

Whether or not you'd like to admit it, we've all suffered greatly inside of a porta-potty. It's a part of life we have to accept. But have you, know, maybe shared your harrowing story with anybody? Because we want to hear it.

Though traumatic, sharing your experience will help you heal and move forward. PLEASE share your porta-potta horror story with us. We can laugh and cry together. And gag. Also, by telling us your porta-potty horror story, you have a chance at being featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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