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Scream Queens Finale!!!! Find Out Who The Red Devil Is!!!!

A Look back to the Beginning to the Reveal of the RED DEVIL!!!! Don't Read This unless you saw the Scream Queens Finale!!!!

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Now THAT was just an insanely fun time.

Scream Queens' first season went out with a bang....before I reveal the final Red Devil, Let's look back at the beginning!!!

All of this started in 1995 a party at the house of Kappa Kappa when some sisters find Sophia, a pledge, lying in a bathtub and has given birth to a baby. Instead of helping, all of the sorority sisters but Amy walk out to go dance to the song "Waterfalls" by TLC. When the sisters come back, they are shocked to find Sophia dead.

In modern day, Kappa Kappa Tau is ruled by the cruel and ruthless president Chanel Oberlin and her minions. And Deen Munich tells her either allow anyone to pledge or Kappa will be closed. When the Pledges are not what Chanel expect her boyfriend Chad Radwell and his "gay" friend Boone tell her she unpopular and can't be with her anymore. So Chanel decides to prank the Pledges to think she killed the Maid Miss Bean..... THIS IS WHEN THE RED DEVIL APPEARS!!!!! Not thinking Chanel dunks Miss Bean in a frayer and burns her face off killing her!!!

Now to make this short here is all the killing and revealings

1. Chanel # 2 is stabbed in the head by the Red Devil after fighting him and trying to get help on twitter.

2. Tiffany "Deaf Taylor Swift" gets decapitated by the Red Devil in a lawn mower, leaving the other girls screaming horrified.

Boone was thought to be Killed but at the end of the 1st episode the Red Devil Pulls him out of the morgue still alive!!!!!

3. Shondell -Red Devil was seen approaching her from behind with a knife, she is then found dead by Denise.

4. Dodger was Attacked by Red Devil quickly approaching him from behind and screams for help, but then is gutted with hedge shears and dead body is left lifeless in maze.

5.Sam was Suffocated with a sheet of plastic and she was the only one who knew who was the Red devil before he was revealed

6.Rodger was shot three times in the head with a nail gun, then nail gun unloaded into his face. In front of Chanel #5

7.Jennifer was stabbed in the head with kitchen knife while making a candel video for her youtube channel.

At this point Boone is seen and is telling someone on the phone it's time to take out Gigi and then is seen by Chanel #3 and tells everyone he's alive

8. Earl was Stabbed in the back with a knife by Boone

9.Boone was stabbed in the chest with a knife by the Red Devil

10. Gigi was decapitated with electric carving knife on Thanksgiving

WARNING!!!! Don't Read Unless you saw Last Night's Finale!!!

After terrorizing a College and Committing more than 10 deaths I can say that you know Gigi and Boone were Red Devils, last night it was revealed That.....PETE found out who the Red Devils were and to keep Grace alive he Had to become a Red Devil and Kill Rodger, and Boone!!!!! And when Pete was about to tell grace who The finale Red Devil was it jump out and Stabbed Pete killing him!!!!

Then Grace and Zaydey start looking for info on the other sister and found out the FINALE RED DEVIL WAS NO OTHER THAN........


Before Grace and Zayday and get back to the Kappa Kappa House, Hester stabbed a heel from a shoe into her eye and Blames Chanel's 1,3,5 for being the Red Devils and Denise as an officer now arrest them and still says SHE STILL HAS HER EYES ON ZAYDAY WILLIAMS!!!!

The show end with the Chanel's being sent off the an Asylum and Hester gets away with everything she had done.... And Dene Munich told her she was going to turn her in but then Hester tells her she'll tell the police she killed her ex-husband so Hester tells her to move on!!!! Then at the Asylum, Chanel loves living there and put herself as the President of the "House" and when it's time to go to bed she tells the other chanel's good night and when she lays down she hears something and raises up to look around, and seeing nothing lays back down only to see the RED DEVIL LOOKING OVER HER WITH A KNIFE IN IT'S HAND!!!!



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