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    Basic Issues About A Turnkey Basement Renovation

    Turnkey basements are also called ready-to-move-in basements. People usually build them as a separate apartment for guests, but also use them as an entertaining space. The owner of Penguin Basements Company - Guy Solomon advises to hire a professional contractor to manage all the complex work which is required to build such basement type. In this article he explains all the challenges which are inherit a turnkey basement creation, to tell home owners basic information needed to find the right contractor.

    By Guy Solomon, Penguin Basements Owner

    If you make your ready-to-move-in basement furnished you can add great sum to the value of your home and, which is more important, you create additional living space to offer to the guests. This option works only if you make your turnkey basement as a separate guest apartment. But if you create an entertaining space there it can widen your apartment and be useful every day, not only when someone comes to live at your house. To build a really good basement and not just waste your space it is highly advised to hire a professional contractor who can help you in managing complex work required when building a turnkey basement. This article was made by Guy Solomon, who is the owner of Penguin Basements Company, in explains some of the challenges inherit in a turnkey basement creation, helping owners to find out what they need to look for when hiring the right contractor.

    "A nice-looking and well-finished basement will always add thousands of dollars to the home value, but to make it true you need to lay the right ground work if you want to get the right look later," Solomon said. "If you do not plan properly, your basement will not look as good as you want it to, and, which is more important, it will not be functional."

    The first and most important step is waterproofing the basement. This process may require a number of actions, like waterproofing and concrete side walls, floors and ceiling insulation. In its turn waterproofing will also involve some inspecting the plumbing if you want to make sure that the water is properly routed and not clogging pressure or leaking.

    After you think of all the previous facts and a professional contractor has inspected and sealed the whole basement, you have to think about the wiring and plumbing. This is a great piece of work, because here lines may need to be rerouted, or there are also ways to cover them, for example, a suspended ceiling.

    Sometimes turnkey basements require fully new plumbing or electrical lines to obtain the full functionality needed. An experienced contractor has to evaluate the capacity of your current system to calculate the number and make sure that this wire will handle additional plumbing or electrical lines needed for repairs. If a contractor says that is cannot, then you need to think about some additional changes to the system.

    "By building the right basis, you create a comfortable finished space to rival any other room in your home," Solomon said.

    The final steps of creating your turnkey basement involve the following: putting in finished walls, ceilings, and floors, then their decoration. Remember that you are a painter and your new basement is your canvas, so be free to make it a guest room, an entertaining room, a home office or even a gym depending on your needs.

    It is extremely important to hire a professional contractor who has proven has recommendations by creating the kind of basement you want. Do not forget about referrals and references to make sure that you are getting a good contractor for the job.

    Penguin Basements Company has been building and re-building all types of turnkey basements for many years and by the perfect performance of the works earned a great reputation by the hundreds of positive reviews left by its satisfied customers.

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