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Which Discontinued Beauty Product Would You Bring Back?

Everyone's got their one that got away.

Maybe it was the waxy, cherry lip balm you faithfully applied every 15 minutes.

Maybe it was the only mascara that ever did what it said it would do.

Maybelline / Via

Those newbie mascaras today don't do a damn thing for your eyelashes compared to Volum' Express.

Or maybe it was the only blush that gave you that I-just-came-inside-from-the-cold-freezing-weather-look-how-flushed-I-am look.

But every woman's had that sorrowful experience in the beauty aisle.

When the section that once held your precious products is empty. NOTHING. NIENTE. NADA.

Nothing will ever replace your favorite product. So tell us here: Which discontinued beauty product would you bring back from the dead?

Tell us which product left a hole in your heart and your "the one that got away" may appear in a BuzzFeed article!

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