What’s The Most Life-Changing Makeup Tip You Know?

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1. Makeup can make a world of difference.

2. But when you’re first starting out, there’s a pretty rough learning curve.

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3. There can be a whole lot of this.

Where are you even supposed to put things?

4. And it can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of frustration.

Liquid eyeliner is the devil.

5. Until one magical day, you learn a makeup trick that completely changes your world.

The second you put translucent powder over your lipstick, it doesn’t budge for anything. How’d you ever wear lipstick without this?

6. You figure out all the basic tricks, like the right way to apply concealer under your eyes.

That line of dots isn’t doing you any favors.

7. Then you learn the more complicated techniques, like how to contour your face.

Put highlighter where the light naturally hits your face and it’s like Photoshop IRL.

8. You’re not going to keep those tricks to yourself, are you?

Of course not! Share the wealth! Pay it forward!

9. So tell us: What’s the most life-changing makeup tip you know?

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