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Which Nail Polish Brands Actually Stay On Your Nails?

Tell us about the ones that don't chip, streak, or stain.

You're a straight baller when it comes to nails.

@ninanailedit / Via

Which means that you know the crippling pain that is chipped polish...

@sandiamelon03 / Via

...and the heartbreak that is a smudge.

@nico_durf / Via

So you've spent time testing every lacquer out there...

@lessykooper / Via

And you've found your holy grail polish that looks incredible.

@marijonails / Via

The polish that's so ~next level~ it won't chip.

@violetuas / Via

Tell us: What's the best, most underrated nail polish brand you love?

@deliasoto3 / Via

Tell us in the comments below and your response could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

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