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Here's What 100 Years Of Men's Grooming Trends Looks Like

Can we go back to the '50s, or...?

WatchCut Video just released 100 Years Of Beauty: USA Men and it's really something.

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Most of the research behind the looks came from men's grooming advertisements and commercials.

Starting with the 1910s, men wore slicked-back hair and had handlebar mustaches.

Clark Gable was the inspiration for the '30s look, which was a very thin mustache and v. sculpted hair.

The 1940s look was modeled after the famous photo of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square...

...you know, this picture:

The '50s can be summed up in one word: Elvis.

Come the '70s, the look was anti-disciplinary bodily practices like grooming and shaving.

The '80s were very ~Wolf of Wall Street~.

What were the '90s marked by if not grungy rocker hair?

The hairstyle of the 2000s: Metrosexual fauxhawk.

And of course, the 2010s can be defined by the beard–man bun combination, otherwise known as the lumbersexual.

One more time for good measure:

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