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What Underrated Hair Products Should Everyone Know About?

*crosses fingers to never have a bad hair day again*

You are a kween and your hair is your crown.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Via BuzzFeed

But you weren't always stylin'. You worked for it.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

You've tested the sub-par products. You've suffered bad hair days. And after experimenting on yourself for, like, years, you've found your holy grail.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

Maybe you discovered the texturizing powder that gives you the hair of your dreams.

@thewoodbridgesf / Via

Perhaps you stumbled upon the first serum that actually gives you ~flawless~ curls.

@angelascarfia / Via

Whatever you found, we want to know. Tell us about the underrated hair care products you loOoOoOve in the comments.

Bubbers13 / Getty Images

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