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    Rainbow Eyebrows Are The Newest Beauty Trend And They're Amazing

    Well color me impressed!

    GUYS. Meet "rainbrows," AKA the prettiest freaking beauty trend happening right now.

    @heeycourtneymua / Via

    The offspring of rainbow highlighter and rainbow eyelashes, rainbrows are just another way of showing your ~true colors~ on your face.

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    Plus, they're a really good way to make it look like you're someone who goes to Coachella.

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    You can use a few bright eyeshadows a slanted eyebrow brush to apply pigment onto your brows.

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    Just remember to blend. A LOT.

    Or you can go with a semi-permanent dye on your brows if you want a more permanent lewk.

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    Make sure you check the ingredients to avoid using any kind of dye that may irritate your skin. Also, be very careful as to not get any dye in your eyes. Here's a video that will help explain the process.

    Whether you choose to color your brows for the day or the month, your rainbow face will look hella mystical.

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    You can go full on glitter browz.

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    Or you can choose to be a pastel unicorn of a human.

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    But as long as you're doing rainbrows, remember one thing...

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    Those rainbrows make you magical AF.

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