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Here’s An Easy Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Don't blink or you'll miss it.

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...which helps to open up your eyes and make 'em look bigger.

And just a touch more dramatic.

First, grab your favorite waterproof gel eyeliner.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

You're going to be putting the liner on a wet part of your eyelid, which means waterproof is pretty necessary. It doesn't matter whether you use pencil liner or a liner pot plus a brush (either an eyeliner brush or a concealer brush will work!) as long as you're comfortable with the tools you're using.

Looking down, pull your eyelid up and draw pencil liner onto the upper waterline.

Wayne Goss / Via

This part is going to take a LOT of practice. Do your best to get into a ~zen~ zone and try to avoid blinking while you're applying liner.


Or, do the same thing with gel eyeliner on a brush, but instead of drawing on the liner with a pencil, gently "push" the liner into your lash line.

Wayne Goss / Via

Do NOT push the brush into your eyeball or use excessive force. All you need to do is press the brush carefully against your lash line so that it transfers eyeliner onto the skin.

If you want even MORE eyeliner, release your hand from your eyelid and press another round of liner onto the top of your lash line.

Wayne Goss / Via

This step is optional, but it'll help to make your eyes look even bigger (if that's what you're going for).