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13 Beauty Trends From 2015 That Will Make You Blind With Rage

Public Enemy No. 1: Glitter.

1. Bubble nails seem like a special kind of hell when you're in the bathroom.

@nerdlmao / Via

2. Glitter roots could singlehandedly keep Head & Shoulders in business.

@larsongraham / Via

3. Glitter beards seem like a really great way to make it feel like you've got a yeast infection on your face.

@gandolfid / Via

4. And don't even get me started on glitter armpits.

@tianiarocks / Via

What happens when you sweat? Doesn't moving your arms sting? It must hurt to hold your arms up this long just to show people your sparkly pits.

5. Head plants are fucking with the photosynthesis process.

@kouzou.k / Via

6. Why would you spend time weaving a hair tapestry when you could do something much more productive, like watching paint dry?

@hairbyamandaackerman / Via

7. Tie-dye hair seems like a lot of work for something that will make your shower look like the scene of a unicorn massacre every time you wash your hair.

@djvictory / Via

8. We have come TOO FAR to purposely have clumpy mascara.

@lolatwirls / Via

We have come TOO FAR to go back to clumps.

9. Is this pixel hair or a Dell computer from 1997? You be the judge.

@laialae / Via


10. IRL hangovers make this look naturally, so hangover makeup seems like a time-suck.

@aeii1992 / Via

11. Hair tattoos...why are you here? Are you lost?

@scunci / Via


12. Gold-leaf hair is the drunk cousin of hair tattoos.

@Thefoxandthehair / Via


13. And of course, the most horrifying trend of the year: the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

@_zoeymcguire / Via Twitter: @_zoeymcguire

This is legit dangerous.

Because apparently, people thought it would be a good idea to SUCK ON A SHOT GLASS for an extended period of time to swell their lip flesh.

Nicole Sykes / Via

Let's all do better in 2016.

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