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    This Custom Lipstick Store Is A Dream Come True For Makeup Addicts

    *If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.*

    If you really fucking love lipstick, the Bite Beauty Lip Lab will make you feel like Charlie at the chocolate factory.

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    Check out all of the Lip Lab locations here.

    On the outside, it looks like a totally normal makeup store.

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    But inside, they have stations set up where you can customize any lipstick color about SEVEN MINUTES.

    @rooie_donder / Via

    There's no time limit, so you can spend as long as you want blending colors together. But if you know what you're looking for, the whole process can be done in less than ten minutes.

    Lip lab technicians at the store walk you through the process by mixing different pigments together until you find a match.

    @ptealqueen / Via

    You also get to choose what kind of finish you want! #TeamMatteForever

    Look at this blending magic!!!!!!

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    You try the shade on your lips to make sure it's the EXACT color you want.

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    Then you get to choose a flavor (or a mix of two!).

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    Pro tip: Mix citrus mango and mint for lipstick that tastes like a mint mojito dream.

    The next step feels a lot like a science experiment. Basically, the technician makes the mixture and melts down the ingredients into a liquid.

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    Once they're melted, the ingredients are mixed at a high speed in a centrifuge so that the mixture becomes homogenous.

    They pour the mixture into lipstick molds and freeze them to below 13 degrees Celsius to harden the lipstick into place.

    @lil_shelle / Via

    Once the bullets are frozen, the excess gets scraped off...

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    The molds are removed...

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    The tubes are put on the bullets, and VOILA! You have some bomb-ass lipstick!

    Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

    Pretty freaking cool, dudes.

    @persephone_pomegranates / Via