We Tried Ashley Graham's New Plus-Size Swimsuits And They're Fierce AF

    The collection comes in sizes 10-20 and is available now.

    You may be familiar with Ashley Graham, the stunning AF model, body activist, and designer who's been KILLING IT lately.

    This week, Graham launched her first-ever plus-size swimsuit collection with swimsuitsforall. Spoiler: The bathing suits are freaking incredible.

    They're inspired by James Bond and they'll make you feel like a complete badass. You can shop the entire collection here.

    To see exactly what the suits looked like IRL, we asked Graham and four NYC-based fashion bloggers to come in to BuzzFeed.

    First up, Kelly tried on the Secret Agent swimsuit ($76.30) in the color Siren.

    Kelly's thoughts: "I felt both supported and SO sexy in this piece. There is an h-back which provides extra support in the shoulders and neck, which I love."

    Size Worn: 20. Kelly usually wears a 20 in swimsuits and an 18 in clothing.

    You can get the Secret Agent swimsuit here.

    Nazira tried the Liaison swimsuit ($76.30) in black.

    Nazira's Thoughts: "Definitely tapping into my inner James Bond in this piece! I feel super badass! It's not the typical type of swimwear I wear but once I put it on, I didn't want to take it off. It's a piece I will be wearing over and over again this summer!"

    Size Worn: 16. She usually wears a size 14. "I sized up on this piece so the side strings won't cut into skin. Overall the fit is great and I feel really sexy and comfortable."

    You can get the Liaison Swimsuit here.

    Shainna tried the Spy swimsuit ($76.30) in black.

    Kelly also tried the Double-Cross bikini ($76.30) in the shade Siren.

    Dana wore the Heist swimsuit ($208.60) in black.

    Dana's Thoughts: "I felt like a badass Charlie's Angel in these suits."

    Size Worn: 14. Dana typically wears a size 16.

    You can get the Heist swimsuit here.

    Nazira also tried the Espionage bikini ($55.30) in the color Twilight.

    Then, Shainna tried the Secret Agent suit ($76.30) in black.

    Shainna's Thoughts: "This suit definitely took me out of my comfort zone. I normally don't wear swimsuits with open backs because of my back fat, but this was too sexy not to wear."

    Size Worn: 20. She usually wears a size 18 in one-piece swimsuits.

    You can get the Secret Agent suit here in black or red.

    Finally, Dana tried on the Stakeout swimsuit ($198) in black.

    For even more details on the collection, check out our video with Ashley Graham below:

    Facebook: video.php

    Happy summer, y'all!

    P.S. swimsuitsforall is already working on restocking any suits that are sold out.