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23 Times #GrowingUpWithCurlyHair Was Way Too Real

Should I start buying conditioner in bulk or...?

1. First of all, you need to buy conditioner like four times a week.

2. When you see the words "dime-sized amount" you laugh because the only "dime-sized" thing in your life is an actual dime.

#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair "you'll only need a dime-sized amount of your product"

3. You'd sooner give away your Seamless password than let anyone near your hair with a brush.

4. And forget about anything that resembles a bobby pin.

#growingupwiththickhair #growingupwithcurlyhair You hate using bobby pins because you're pretty sure that your hair will just absorb them 👽

5. Other people with less interesting hair are always trying to tell you how you should look.

6. But they don't know your life. They don't know your struggles.

#growingupwithcurlyhair "why don't you straighten your hair more?" Bitch it takes 2 hours

7. Literally everyone you meet gives you the line "Do you know how many people would kill for the hair you have?"

"Dont you know how much money people pay to get curls like yours? Appreciate them" #GrowingUpWithCurlyHair

8. They have so many questions.

#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair "what's that thing on your hairdryer??"

9. And then they try to touch you, like you're a goddamn sheep at a petting zoo.

#growingupwithcurlyhair people randomly touching your hair all the time

10. The REAL inquisition starts when you normally straighten your hair, but you leave it natural for a day.

#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair when you don't straighten it for a day and someone says "did you get a perm or something?"

Suddenly, no one knows what the hell to do with themselves. It's like they've never seen a curl before.

11. "Did you master exactly how to use a curling iron to make it look like you have perfect coils, or is that your natural hair?"

#growingupwithcurlyhair always getting asked if its your "natural hair" or if you curl it

12. FYI, people who have straight or wavy hair, this is the difference between "curly" and "curled":

13. Styling your hair is a part-time job.

#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair actually contemplating to shave your head anytime you had to brush or style your hair

14. And the internet is almost entirely useless when it comes to finding curly hairstyles.

#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair Going on youtube and typing 'Curly hairstyles' and seeing straight haired girls who have curled their hair :| :/

But if you do need some hairstyles for naturally curly hair, here you go.

15. PSA: "Braiding hair at night to wake up with perfect beachy waves" is a fallacy. This literally only works if a person already has wavy hair.

#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair braiding your hair before going to sleep and expecting the left photo but getting the right

16. And if by some stroke of magic you get your hair to behave properly on the first try, you pray that you won't encounter wind or humidity that day.

#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair curly hair + wind

17. Sometimes, you toss in the towel.

#growingupwithcurlyhair once you put your hair in a high bun or ponytail, there's no turning back for the day

At least a high bun makes it look like you tried.

18. Other times, you spend hours with a blow dryer just to spend hours with a flat iron.

Blow drying your hair for hours just to be able to straighten your hair. #growingupwithcurlyhair

It's a lot of work, but it can be worth it.

19. You spent so much time that you look like an entirely different person.

#growingupwithcurlyhair looking like a completely different person when you straighten your hair

20. And you best believe you're not about to put in all that work just to have it ruined by your friends.

"water park tomorrow" "dang it I just straightened my hair" #GrowingUpWithCurlyHair

21. Here's the thing: Everyone wishes they had curly hair.

#growingupwithcurlyhair when all the white girls with wavy hair would say their hair is "curly" and you're just like

22. Because curls are fucking beautiful.

23. And so are you.