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    14 Unintentionally Funny Moments From "Heartstopper"

    This show deserves all the praise it's getting and more.

    If you haven't watched Netflix's Heartstopper yet, I implore you to check it out right now. It's absurdly sweet.

    Based on Alice Oseman's webcomic of the same name, Heartstopper tells the coming-of-age story of a group of high school friends — many of whom happen to be queer. If high school drama isn't up your alley, that's perfectly fine, because this show has very little of it and instead focuses on friendships and first loves.

    These are just a few moments from the show that I found way funnier than I ought to.

    1. When Tori had these reassuring words for her brother, Charlie

    Charlie stands in the kitchen and says, "I broke up with my boyfriend." Tori asks, "Was he a knob?" to which Charlie replies, "Yes." Tori raises her eyebrows and says, "Well done, then."

    2. When Olivia Colman showed up as Nick's mum

    Sarah sits in the driver's side of the car and says, "Nick?" while Nick looks on and asks, "What?"

    3. This monogrammed mug

    Nick tapes a sip out of his mug with the letter N on it

    4. This questionable question mark

    A screenshot of someone googling, "am i gay?" with the results "am i gay quiz" and "am i gay buzzfeed" popping up below

    5. This gay keyboard smash

    Charlie sits in bed with his phone and tests, "Nick invited me to Harry's party! I'M SCREAMING" and then a big keyboard smash

    6. These birthday buttons

    Charlie wears a big number 15 button his shirt

    7. When Nick showed up at Charlie's door soaking wet

    Nick stands in the doorway, soaking wet and says, "Hi."

    8. When Nick’s mum asked him if he liked Imogen

    Sarah says, "Oh, do you like this girl?" and Nick replies, "Well, um...her dog died." Sarah's eyes widen.

    9. This compliment

    Charlie touches Nick's arm and says, "You have strong rugby arms"

    10. When the gays plotted to get Elle and Tao together

    Nick texts, "So now it's a triple date." Darcy replies, "We are such meddling gays and I love it," while Charlie says, "And Tao and Elle don't know it's a date at all..."

    11. When Tara and Darcy’s makeout session got interrupted

    Tara and Darcy make out when Nick enters and says, "Tara!" Darcy replies, "Homophobia."

    12. The fact that Charlie’s dad is never seen outside of his car

    Julio says, "Pickup at 10:00, okay?" and Charlie replies, "Yep" as they sit in the car together

    13. When Elle said what we were all thinking

    Elle says, "I forgot he can run really fast."

    14. And finally, when Nick thought his mum might not know about bisexuality

    Nick looks at his mum and says, "It's called bisexuality. If you've heard of that?" and she replies, "I have heard of that. I wasn't born in the 18th century."

    So while I wait for a second season to hopefully be announced, go watch Heartstopper on Netflix!