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    16 Times Teachers Frustrated Their Students JUST A LITTLE BIT

    We love you, but please, we beg of you, move the cursor off the play bar.

    1. This teacher didn't erase the entire board and it's driving me crazy.

    2. This teacher wouldn't bump up their student's grade.

    3. This teacher covered up the clock, even though the clock is a student's best friend.

    4. This teacher kept their cursor over the play bar so it wouldn't go away.

    5. This teacher wrote down a link for a Google doc they wanted their students to fill out. WROTE IT DOWN.

    6. Nope, that's not a mark on your screen. This teacher accidentally photocopied an eyelash on the assignments.

    7. This teacher refused to think outside the box.

    8. This teacher and the number of tabs they had open stresses me OUT.

    9. This teacher forgot that there can be multiple solutions to a math problem.

    10. This teacher only decided to go for 60% of an acronym.

    11. This teacher blocked Task Manager. What do you do if a program freezes???

    12. This teacher shot down Aidan's beautiful cursive because Aidan wasn't a third-grader.

    13. This teacher rickrolled their students.

    14. This teacher marked a perfectly correct answer wrong.

    15. This teacher totally just wrote notes on a notepad that looks like the inside of an apple and nothing else.

    16. Finally, this teacher put dry erase marker on a smart board, and wow, it makes me cringe.

    Though at the end of the day, I feel like we can let these teachers slide because their work is hard and we appreciate everything they do!