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17 Pictures You’ll Only Get If You And Your Best Friend Both Love Food

Can I have some?

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1. You and your friend always bond over food. That's a fact.

markaaay / Via Twitter: @Markaaaay

2. Which is why you jump at every opportunity to go out with them...

stability / Via

3. ...even though it's hard for you both to decide on a restaurant.

New Line Cinema / meanplastic / Via Twitter: @meanpIastic

4. But, when you do decide on somewhere to go, that place had better be ready.

lx34e / Via

5. Because you guys chow down and think nothing of it.

samkalidi / Via Twitter: @samkalidi

6. Like, seriously, it's a "no judgement" zone.

American / tatum_strangely / Via Twitter: @Tatum_Strangely

7. Your friend knows that you'll happily help them finish their meal.

majinclyde / Via Twitter: @MajinClyde

8. Though, honestly, both of you know that you're helping whether they like it or not.

nohoessjayy / Via Twitter: @NoHoessJayy

9. And they expect nothing in return.

nevvzealand / Via

10. Sometimes, you don't even have to eat out to have food with them. You can just buy each other snacks at the grocery store.

fireflufferz / Via Twitter: @Fireflufferz

11. Or raid each other's kitchen cabinets.

marcinmrowca / Via Twitter: @marcinmrowca

12. Which means diets don't work too well.

alpacabrooke / Via Twitter: @alpacabrooke

13. And not eating with you is the second worst thing your friend can do.

starrtank / Via Twitter: @StarrTank

14. The first, of course, is eating without you.

elias_xavior / Via Twitter: @Elias_Xavior

15. Because you both know that wherever...

Told my friend I was hungry, he said......"where you at, I can bring you something to eat"

donj0rdan / Via Twitter: @DonJ0rdan

16. ...and whenever...

ABC / yasmeen712g / Via Twitter: @yasmeen712g

17. ...You guys are always down to bond over food.

zackisontumblr / Via

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