17 Animals Who Found Themselves In Unbelievably Strange Circumstances

    It's not their fault.

    1. This raccoon, who overdid it on the trash.

    2. This dog, who isn't psyched about his new role as a sommelier's assistant.

    3. This pufferfish, who's saying, "It literally would be me who gets caught in a bubble vortex."

    4. This dog, who doesn't understand why giant black and white beasts are licking him.

    5. This cat, who I'm pretty sure isn't a hat.

    6. This dog, who, despite not knowing how he got there, feels like John Wayne, and he's not mad.

    7. This bird, who's wondering why he's getting hate mail.

    8. This dog, who does not understand the point of this exercise.

    9. This cat, who is now a sock.

    10. This cat, who is now a pole.

    11. This cat, who is now a sofa.

    12. This cow, who just had a wild night.

    13. This alligator, who really should've called a professional instead of trying to fix it himself.

    14. This cat, who didn't calculate its jump correctly.

    15. This woodchuck, who went through great lengths to chuck the wood.

    16. This polar bear, who I think might have underestimated the power of his fancy hat.

    17. And finally, this butt. Who knows where it was going?

    H/T r/thisismylifenow