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    Posted on Dec 21, 2017

    16 Spongebob Pictures That'll Make You Say "These Are So True, Maybe I Live In A Pineapple Under The Sea"

    We're all Dirty Dan.

    There's a Spongebob reference that can be applied to every aspect of life, and I'm going to prove it to you. Like when...

    1. You can't be bothered:

    Nickelodeon / zyyp / Via

    2. You get taken down a notch:

    Nickelodeon / tessa_denae / Via Twitter: @tessa_denae

    3. Your sneeze gets stuck:

    Nickelodeon / faithfulman / Via Twitter: @faithfuIman

    4. You hear someone gripe about something stupid:

    Nickelodeon / girlsnotebook / Via Twitter: @GirlsNoteBook

    5. You listen to annoying people:

    Nickelodeon / tweetlikeagirl / Via Twitter: @TweetLlkeAGirl

    6. You give a gift:

    Nickelodeon / damian_mayker / Via Twitter: @damian_mayker

    7. You evaluate your love life:

    Nickelodeon / girlchoicee / Via Twitter: @girlchoicee

    8. You take your shot:

    Nickelodeon / fafsaproblems / Via Twitter: @FAFSAProblems

    9. You look forward to new shows...

    Nickelodeon / televisionmemes / Via Twitter: @TelevisionMemes

    10. You summarize a plot perfectly:

    Nickelodeon / vulpesokamis / Via Twitter: @VulpesOkamis

    11. You do the most trivial tasks:

    Nickelodeon / pyrocynicalvevo / Via Twitter: @PyrocynicalVEV0

    12. You flaunt your assets:

    Nickelodeon / yaboispongebbob / Via Twitter: @YaBoiSpongebbob

    13. You check your bank account:

    Nickelodeon / dylanmonteiro_ / Via Twitter: @DylanMonteiro__

    14. You make a typo:

    Nickelodeon / milomumbles / Via Twitter: @MiloMumbles

    15. You're put in an awkward situation:

    Nickelodeon / worldstarhiphop / Via Twitter: @W0RLDSTARHlPHOP

    16. And finally, when you find out who's really worthy of your friendship:

    freddyamazin / Via Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

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