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If You Have A Secret From Your Job That Would Be Helpful For Everyone To Know, Tell Us

Whether you're a pilot, a painter, or a programmer, we want to know what you know.

No matter where we work, we always pick up little tips and tricks about our job that not a lot of people know about.

Sometimes, they're gross. Like, maybe you're a housekeeper and want people to know how much mold is attracted to certain areas of their homes, and how to easily clean those areas.

finger pointing to mold in a bathtub

Sometimes they're handy. Like, maybe you work at a car dealership and know ways for customers to get a deal that you kind of hope they don't take advantage of.

car dealer selling a car to a couple

Sometimes they do a public service. Like, maybe you're a stocker and want people to know they should be washing their canned vegetables and sodas before they use them because you've seen where they've been.

a can of peas

And sometimes they're enlightening. Like, maybe you're a bartender and have regular substitutes for different ingredients that you use to mix drinks and customers are none the wiser.

bartending shaking a drink

Whatever secrets or tips you have, we want to know them! Share them in the comments below for your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

And If you feel more comfortable sharing extra-secret secrets anonymously, send them on over to us in this anonymous Google form.