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Just When I Thought We Weren't All In This Together, Disney Announces A New HSM TV Series

We're still in this together.

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I, much like the rest of human existence, watched the High School Musical trilogy as a kid.


I watched it for a few reasons. The first and most important reason is that I, much like the rest of human existence, had a huge crush on Troy Bolton.


The second reason is that the High School Musical series provided bop, after bop, after bop, all the way to the top.


Which is why I lost all my sauce when I saw on the official Disney blog, Oh My Disney, that the Wildcats are coming back in a TV series.

lizzybeehansen / Via Twitter: @lizzybeehansen

And this won't just be any series, oh no. It'll be part of Disney's new streaming service that's set to launch in 2019.

Me: Disney is starting their own streaming service? I don't want to pay for another. Disney: We are going to hav…

tycobbstatue / Via Twitter: @TyCobbsStatue

Which, I'm not gonna lie, is looking pretty amazeballs at the moment with the news of service-exclusive content like a new live-action Star Wars series and a Monsters, Inc. series.

theageofthaos / Via Twitter: @TheAgeOfThanos

And now, a High School Musical series will join the lineup.


We don't know if any member of the original cast will be returning for the series (I, much like the rest of human existence, hope all of them do), but I'll be Shar-paying attention to all the news about this, because it's my oxygen right now.

Me as I️ hear rumors of a high school musical four and tv series

kinsleydonalyn / Via Twitter: @KinsleyDonalyn

The anticipation is killing me. It's been so long since I've had my head in the game.

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