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    You've Heard These Peoples' Voices A Million Times, So Here's What They Look Like

    You've heard them before, I guarantee it.

    1. Siri β€” Susan Bennett

    CNN /, Afp / Getty Images

    Though not officially confirmed by Apple, Susan Bennett has done interviews and a TED Talk saying she did the voice recordings for Siri all the way back in 2005 that Apple used for its famous personal assistant, which launched in 2011.

    2. "And now for our feature presentation" voice β€” Mark Elliott

    VOBuzzWeekly /, Disney

    Mark Elliot IS the voice for Disney previews. During the Disney renaissance, Elliott's voice was the one narrating the trailers, telling you the release dates, and letting you know something's out of the Disney vault.

    3. Voicemail lady β€” Jane Barbe

    NBC / AwardsShowNetwork / Via, Dcdp / Getty Images

    Twenty-five trillion people heard her voice each year, as it was used by 1,000 telephone companies. You've probably heard her too, saying, "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try it again."

    4. Jolly Green Giant β€” Herschel Bernardi

    Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty

    As well as being the voice for the Jolly Green Giant and Charlie Tuna, Bernardi was also a Broadway star, playing over 1,200 performances of Fiddler on the Roof as Tevye.

    5. The "In a World Where" voiceovers from every movie trailer ever β€” Redd Pepper & Don LaFontaine

    Great Big Story / Via, BackstageOnline / Via, Warner Bros.

    LaFontaine has voiced over 750,000 TV spots and over 5,000 movie trailers, like Die Hard, Speed, and The Terminator. Pepper has also voiced countless trailers for movies such as Independence Day, Armageddon, and Space Jam.

    6. Aflac Duck β€” Daniel McKeague

    Aflac / Via, Aflac / Via DF Productions /

    Daniel McKeague, a radio salesperson in Minnesota, beat out over 12,000 applicants to replace Gilbert Gottfried as the Aflac duck in 2011.

    7. NYC Subway β€” Charlie Pellett

    The New Yorker /

    Pellett has been working in radio since 1980. During his time at Bloomberg radio, the MTA asked voice artists at the station to record announcements for the trains. Pellett's was selected, and his "stand clear of the closing doors" line has become a familiar staple for the city's subway system.

    8. Pillsbury Doughboy β€” JoBe Cerny

    Valpairiso University / Via, Pillsbury / Via Retronario /

    Cerny has voiced the Pillsbury Doughboy since 1987. He's also been the star of Cheer ads, removing stains right before our eyes.

    9. The FitnessGram Pacer Test β€” Roger Francisco

    Toby and Dante /

    Francisco says nobody believes his grandkids when they say that he is the legendary voice of the Pacer test. He's also impressed by all of the memes!

    10. Mario β€” Charles Martinet

    Great Big Story / Via, Nintendo /

    He also does the voice of Luigi and Wario. He even spent some time providing the voice for Donkey Kong!

    11. "You've Got Mail" β€” Elwood Edwards

    AOL / Via, sandiadice / Via

    Edwards recorded the now-famous lines for AOL on a cassette deck in his living room.

    12. Simlish from The Sims β€” Gerri Lawler & Stephen Kearin

    Rafe Chase /, Brian Vander Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag, EA /

    Kearin and Lawlor were the first two to create Simlish for The Sims, and they also provided the voices for The Sims 2. Most Simlish isn't a word-for-word translation, but instead an improvisation of sounds based on an emotion the voice actor is trying to convey.

    13. The airport voice β€” Carolyn Hopkins

    CBS /, Xpacifica / Getty Images

    You know that voice that tells you to take small children by the hand when you step on a moving walkway or makes the announcements that start with "the local time is..."? That's Carolyn. She's the voice of the PA in over 200 airports worldwide, as well as the voice in some subway stations and emergency weather bulletins.

    14. Tony the Tiger β€” Thurl Ravenscroft

    Marvelous Auto Classics /, Kellogg's

    In addition to voicing Tony the Tiger, Ravenscroft is a Haunted Mansion alum. You can see him as one of the singing busts on the attraction (the one detached and falling over). You've probably also heard him during the Christmas season, because he's the original singer of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."

    15. Kool-Aid Man β€” Frank Simms

    Great Big Story / Via, Kool-Aid / Commercial Ads /

    Simms tried to find a happy medium between David Lee Roth and Barry White for the Kool-Aid Man's signature "Oh yeah."

    16. "EA Sports. It's in the game" β€” Andrew Anthony

    GamerhubTV /, EA / Tomassively /

    Anthony recorded the now-famous line originally at no cost for a friend in the advertising business who was tasked with making a commercial for EA. He's still doing the voice more than 20 years later.

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