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    18 Things You Can Do To Instantly Anger Any Barista

    "But the other store always does it for me!" —Every customer about to make a barista scream into a pillow.

    1. Pour your coffee out into the trash can to make room for cream and sugar.

    2. Pick up a drink without looking at it or reading a name on it.

    3. Ask for something extra dry.

    4. Pay with a $100 bill.

    5. Use your windshield wipers if you're in our drive-thru.

    6. Ask for five separate transactions in one car through the drive-thru.

    7. Leave straw wrappers on the pickup counter.

    8. Complain that an extra-hot drink isn't hot enough.

    9. Tell us a drink was supposed to be iced after you made no indication of that when you ordered it.

    10. Hold the door open.

    11. Watch us like a hawk as we make your drink.

    12. Order while talking on your phone.

    13. Or just hand us your phone so the person on the line can order.

    14. Wave your dollar in our face before you drop it in our tip jar.

    15. Order from a secret menu.

    16. Try to scam us with a makeshift latte.

    17. Loudly exclaim that another coffee shop does something for you that we won't.

    18. And yell when we've messed up your drink.