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    After A Picture Of A California School Lunch Went Viral, Here Are School Lunches From 17 Different Countries

    Sure, Switzerland's school lunch looks good, but for nearly $14, I'll just bring a PB&J.

    Recently, Reddit user u/bestoblivion shared a photo of a school lunch from California that went viral because, well, it looks delicious. It got me wondering what school lunch looks like in other countries, so without further ado, here in alphabetical order are what school lunches look like in 17 different countries.

    A California school lunch

    1. Canada

    Canada school lunch

    2. China

    China lunch

    3. Colombia

    Colombia school lunch

    4. Czech Republic

    School lunch from Czech Republic

    5. Denmark

    School lunch from Denmark

    6. Estonia

    Estonia school lunch

    7. Finland

    Finnish school lunch

    8. France

    French school lunch

    9. Germany

    German school lunch

    10. Italy

    Italian school lunch

    11. Japan

    Japanese school lunch

    12. Korea

    Korean school lunch

    13. Romania

    School lunch in Romania

    14. Sweden

    School lunch in Sweden

    15. Switzerland

    School lunch in Switzerland

    16. Thailand

    School lunch in Thailand

    17. Finally, Turkey

    Turkish school lunch

    If you have a picture of school lunch you'd like to share, please do! Tell us where it's from, too!