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People Are Responding To A Viral Photo Of A California School Lunch With Lunches In Their State, And They Range From "Yikes" To "Yum"

Welp, now I want to order Georgia's school lunch from DoorDash.

Recently, u/bestoblivion shared a California school lunch to Reddit that got people talking because, TBH, it looks delicious. Other people started sharing school lunches from their state, so here, in alphabetical order, are 18 states and what they serve.

1. California

California lunch

2. Colorado

Tomorrow High School Lunch includes chicken alfredo. Made in house with creamy alfredo sauce over boneless, skinless chicken breast bites, and pasta!

Twitter: @PSDNutrition

3. Florida

Florida school lunch

4. Georgia

Georgia school lunch

5. Illinois

Illinois school lunch

6. Kentucky

Kentucky school lunch

7. Maine

Maine school lunch

8. Maryland

Maryland school lunch

9. New Jersey

New Jersey school lunch

10. New York

New York school lunch

11. Ohio

Ohio school lunch

12. Oregon

Oregon school lunches

13. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania school lunch

14. Tennessee

Tennessee school lunch

15. Texas

Texas school lunch

16. Vermont

Vermont school lunch

17. Washington

Washington school lunch

18. West Virginia

West Virginia school lunch

Do you have a photo of school lunch? Drop it in the comments below with a caption on the state or country it's from!