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Here Are What Your Favorite Memes Look Like Now

Disaster Girl is all grown up!

1. Bad Luck Brian:

Kyle Craven, Kent State University Alumni Association / Via

Fun fact: Bad Luck Brian started when a long-time friend of Kyle Craven uploaded his seventh-grade picture to Reddit.

2. Overly Attached Girlfriend:

Laina / Via, Laina / Via

Fun fact: Overly Attached Girlfriend started when Laina Morris made a parody video of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" for a contest.

3. Success Kid:

Laney Griner / Via Facebook: SammySuccessKid, SammySuccessKid / Via Facebook: SammySuccessKid

Fun fact: The photo for the iconic meme was shot when he was 11 months old.

4. Ermahgerd:

Maggie Goldenberger, Maggie Goldenberger / Via

Fun fact: Maggie Goldenberger was in India when a friend back in the US told her a picture of her 11-year-old self was going viral!

5. Scumbag Steve:

Blake Boston, blakeboston617 / Via Twitter: @BlakeBoston617

Fun fact: The original photo that we've all come to know and love as Scumbag Steve was taken by his mom!

6. Hipster Barista:

vanguardaudiolabs / Via, dustincolemm / Via Twitter: @DustinColeMmm

Fun fact: Dustin Mattson is the face of this meme, but doesn't appreciate it. In an interview with Eater, he said, "I do find it discouraging and disappointing that there was so much exposure brought to an attempt at making a joke of a culinary industry and the professional barista."

7. Disaster Girl:

David Roth, zoeroth / Via

Fun fact: Disaster Girl was four when the picture was taken. Now, she's 18!

8. Blinking White Guy:

Giant Bomb / Via, drewscanlon / Via Twitter: @drewscanlon

Fun fact: Drew Scanlon (Blinking White Guy) is a co-host on the podcast "Shift+F1"!

9. Side-Eyeing Chloe:

Lily & Chloe Official / Via, lilyandchloeofficial / Via

Fun fact: Chloe and her sister are big kids now, and they have the cutest Instagram account.

10. First World Problems:

tiegrabberpods / Via Twitter: @Tiegrabberpods, silviabottini_ / Via

Fun fact: Silvia Bottini is the face of this meme, but she's also an actor!

11. Trying to Hold a Fart Next to a Cute Girl in Class:

aaduk_ala / Via, mcgeezyyy / Via Twitter: @McGeezyyy

Fun fact: I know you all were wondering, but Michael McGee didn't actually need to fart when this picture was taken.

12. Doge:

kabosumama, kabosumama / Via

Fun fact: There was an April Fool's Day prank going around last year that Doge was dead, but with much thank, I'm happy to report that she is still alive and beautiful.

13. And finally, Grumpy Cat:

Cataliades / Via, realgrumpycat / Via

Fun fact: Did you know that Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce?

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