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    24 Annoying Little Things About Starbucks That'll Make You Go "Ugh!"

    Broken straws are the worst.

    1. When someone else takes your drink from the counter even though they called out your name.

    S/O to whoever took my drink at Starbucks, hope you fail your finals

    2. When the person standing in front of you in line takes forever to figure out what they want to order.

    3. Or when the person standing in front of you in line places an order like this.

    4. When all of the outlets in the lobby are taken.

    Went to all 3 Starbucks near my house to only to find no outlets avail ☹️ It’s so beautiful outside, a shame that I gotta go home to finish hw instead.

    5. Or when people treat the lobby like their own personal office.

    6. When you drink a Frappuccino and the straw gets clogged.

    Help I can't drink my frappuccino my lips keep being vacuumed into the straw and I'm in public

    7. When you pull out of the drive-thru then realize they got your order wrong.

    8. When you take a sip of your hot coffee or hot tea when it's ready for you and it tastes like you're drinking actual fire.

    A fun goal I’ve set for myself today; don’t spill my burning hot tea from Starbucks all over myself & my truck 🙃

    9. When you eat a pastry while you're driving and get a messy load of crumbs on your shirt and your lap.

    10. When they're out of something that you really looked forward to.

    Starbucks cashier: sorry we’re all out of almond croissants...

    11. When you go to pay with the mobile app, but realize it hasn't updated in two days and there isn't any money on your card.

    12. When you mobile order, but you still have to wait in line to tell them that you have a mobile order.

    13. Or when you mobile order and realize you ordered at the wrong Starbucks.

    PSA: if you order Starbucks through the mobile app to save time, just make sure you have the right Starbucks 🤦🏻‍♀️😂👌🏼 #whyamilikethis

    14. When you get a foam mustache from a cappuccino or whipped cream and don't realize it until someone points it out.

    15. When your coffee breath starts to offend.

    when the teacher with coffee breath is helping you with your work.

    16. When you change the size of your drink on a mobile order but you forget to redo all of your customizations.

    17. When you put off taking empty Starbucks cups out of your car until you have nowhere to put your new drink.

    I’m a hoarder. I hoard empty Starbucks cups in my car until there’s no more empty cup holders and I have to drive with my drink between my legs

    18. When the lid isn't on correctly and the drink ends up spilling.

    19. When you don't get the straw that's the proportionate size to your drink.

    20. When they toast a pastry that you didn't want warmed.

    Starbucks barista warmed my pastry without asking, so I found her car and lit it on fire. NOW WE'RE ALL WARMING THINGS WITHOUT ASKING

    21. When you see the "trash" and "recycle" compartments of the garbage can are all screwed up.

    22. When your straw breaks and you have to slurp extra hard to get the coffee to your mouth.

    23. When you order a drink and forget to tell them whether you want it iced or hot.

    Starbucks made my drink iced instead of hot and gave me both thinking I wasn't drinking both. Lmao guess who's having two venti coffees this morning.

    24. And finally, when they misspell your name.

    But at the end of the day, you know deep down that you'll do anything to get your daily cup of joe.