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Miley Cyrus Paid Rent For A Former "Voice" Contestant And It'll Make You Believe In Goodness Again

"Her heart is huge."

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I cried a little while writing this post, so you've been warned. Let's start with the introductions. This is Miley Cyrus. You've heard of her.

Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

This is Janice Freeman, a mom, cancer survivor, and contestant on season 13 of The Voice.

janicefreeman / Via

On The Voice, Janice chose Miley as her coach after the blind auditions, making her the first on Miley's team for Season 13.

I could not have asked for a more inspiring first artist this season 🙌 Janice is everything!! #VoicePremiere

mileycyrus / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus

However, despite her incredible talent, Janice was voted off of the show during Week 2.

Watch this video clip of Janice after she was eliminated from @NBCTheVoice 😢 so sad but Miley's the sweetest friend…

MileyCyrus / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus

It was a VERY emotional elimination, but undeniably evident that Janice and Miley formed a very special bond, with both singers saying they'd do anything for the other.

The Voice / Via

Last week, Miley was true to her word and helped Janice by putting her and her family into an apartment and paying for six months of rent, according to an incredibly heartfelt Instagram Live story that Janice posted on New Year's.

Miley Cyrus bought her 'The Voice' contestant Janice Freeman & her family an apartment before buying them the house…

PopCrave / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

"Y'all don't understand that you see these things on TV, you see things happening...but you don't understand that these people are real, and her heart is huge," Freeman says in the video.

@PopCrave Thank you ALL but she found us placement until we found permanent housing, gave me the deposit, covered m…

janice_freeman / Via Twitter: @janice_freeman

"Miley, you are my dawg, like, my best friend, and I will defend you 'til the bitter end."

janicefreeman / Via

While Miley hasn't directly addressed the deed itself, she's been supporting and encouraging Janice since.

mileynycyrus / Via Twitter: @MileyNYCyrus

My heart is so full of warm fuzzies, I need to lie down.

stylishcyrus / Via Twitter: @StylishCyrus

What an incredible deed done for an amazing woman, by an amazing woman. Here's to both of these talented artists and fearless ladies!

Just when my heart misses u so much I don't think I can stand it .... I remember something special.... nothing ends…

mileycyrus / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus

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